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  1. Yup but I may have found the issue I think it's the psu
  2. The psu was plugged in it just didn't do anything and the power button is on the board. And like I said I've tried 3 different compatible cpus but none of them work.
  3. Idk what I did but now nothing happens when I press the power button
  4. I found the LCD poster and it says cpu init
  5. This used to be my step dad's and he cant remember what was in it but I have tried 3 different compatible cups the GPU is different but I've tried one that I know works as well and the psu is different but know that works. The ram I have checked compatibility but idk if the ram is dead or not.
  6. What do you mean by the board is done I just lost the little thing that plugs into the board and shows the error code
  7. It is an Intel 06 q9400 Intel core 2 quad not just a intel 06 and it is compatible
  8. Like I said I get no video at all and I don't think resetting windows would fix that when I don't have the hard drive plugged in. Also how would I check the pins without taking out the cpu
  9. I have a asus striker 2 extreme motherboard. I lost the error code shower thing. For CPU I have a Intel 06 q9400 Intel core 2 quad. I have 2xcm3x2048-1333c9dhx. And a gtx 760 2gb and a 600 wat psu. When I try to boot the orange light comes on and no video. I've checked all the pins on the motherboard for the CPU and I've tried all slots for the ram but still nothing. Any help is appreciated.
  10. I have booted using the hiren's bootcd USB flash drive what should I do next
  11. I have booted using hiren's bootcd what should I do now
  12. For got to say at one point it had this error Process1_Initialization_Failed