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    I'm a Tech Enthusiast, Video producer and creator.
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    AMD FX-6300
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    GA-78LMT-USB3 6.0
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    Corsair 4x4 ddr3
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    Nvidia GTX 1060-6GB
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    Acer G246HL Abd 24-Inch
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  1. Alrighty, to begin I wanted to thank everyone who is reading this; I respect that! So to start off this topic, I had a basic question that I've been working on for quite some time.. How to link a camcorder or a GoPro to the computer to use as a webcam. I'm sure there is a way, but using OBS I still have trouble finding a solid conclusion to the problem. So I was hoping that we can come up with a solution to this intriguing problem. (I do find it to be possible to link a canon DSLR using EOS Utility; but how would you do it with GoPro for instance?)
  2. Oh nice!! I would definitely pick the M50! - It has very fast AF as well so it's great for vlogging / and interview type situations!! Over all conclusion it's really great, but you could still go with a sony if you prefer the different brand and the difference in weight.
  3. You can put together parts on websites like userbenchmark.com and see pricing then check compatibility, this can take from 1 - 5 days in my opinion. You would also want to check with some people to see if what you're getting is recommended and not a waste in price.
  4. ZFD

    dog thread

    I'm a dog?
  5. Status 

    1. LukeSavenije
    2. ZFD


      Grievous was too....

    3. LukeSavenije
  6. Oh yea, definitely... I mean when it comes out get it, but as of now we are just waiting sadly.
  7. Very good! But pretty expensive; you may want to wait for the new AMD Ryzen 7 line to come out which should outperform and be less expensive than the Intel line. - ZFD but
  8. ZFD

    LTX 2019 Ticket Sales Start TOMORROW!

    Awesome!! - ZFD
  9. You guys should review the https://www.phantomhighspeed.com/products/cameras/ultrahighspeed/v2640 (an Ultra High Speed camera). I would love to see an episode on that. - ZFD
  10. Oh, I like plugs. We should actually change them around the world to be the same kind... it would for one make travel Easier. So true, just think about the possibility, if we switched all power plugs to an easy version. - ZFD
  11. (Thanks for clicking on this thread!) This is basically me asking questions; what do you think about apple as of when you wrote your comment: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do you think about apple? How would you like them to change? Anything you would like to say about apple vs cheaper phones? What do you think apple has got a hang of (What are they best at?) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - ZFD
  12. ZFD

    TheZFD PRO | Tech Enthusiasts says hi

    guys, will be deleting second account working with administrator on this, my mistake.
  13. ZFD

    Best Graphics card under $120?

    Thanks! very helpful!
  14. If anyone can give me some feedback that would be great! looking for a new gpu for my brother for around $120, does anyone know the best choice? I was thinking gt 1030 or equivalent.
  15. Hello there everyone! My name is Zachary, or ZFD, Tech Enthusiasts, ZFD PRO, whatever you want to say. I make content for youtube everyday I can record. (If i have my camera I record). I'm very intrested in technology and watch ever one of linus's videos, of course they are Great!! Thanks for checking my thread, anyways I will be around forums when I can. [Picture: banner I made of my channel on youtube] - ZFD