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  1. Do you know where to get the free upgrade, I mainly want to be able to keep the Accounts software on these computers? It is compatible with windows 10 so im hoping everything stays the same
  2. Hi all, I work for a company who still has ten Windows 7 computers on their network and I need to upgrade them all to windows 10 before the end of the year as this is when support ends. I am just wondering is there anyway that they can still be upgraded for free and can I upgrade them all without having to wipe the contents on the computers? I know a few years ago this was possible when they were rolling out Windows 10, but is it still now? Thanks for any help
  3. Thnaks. Has anyone any idea how I get the conputer past a black screen when it has just turned on? Its not even giving me an option to get into the bios
  4. What would a rootkit do? And how would i go about fixing it?
  5. Hi, i unplugged the solid state drive which is my boot drive and plugged it into a spare SATA i had and it is just still the same. Straight to black screen
  6. What is very unusual about this is that the note is not in an obvious location. I understand I should reinstall windows but the problem is I cant do this? I cant even get into bios to change the boot up. The computer just shows a black screen. What do yous think?
  7. Hi all, Tonight began one of the worst experiences I have come across. I was using my computer to watch some sport on youtube. I then went to watch a few things on my plex media server and it kept coming up with playback errors ‘check if file is mounted correctly’ so I navigated to the file and i noticed my mp4 and mkv files all had become macro enabled word files and they had a file extension.docm. They also had a .txt file in the directory telling me that all files were encrypted and I needed to do the following steps. I immediately thought I would scan with MalwareBytes and this quarantined a number of items. I then thought I would try a system restore but this would not complete successfully. I then tried to boot to safe mode to do the restore again. However this led to just a black screen. I had to restart the computer with the power button. I thought on restart I will press f8 when the boot up screen appears. However this screen never appeared. The screen remained black for a few moments until eventually the login screen appeared. I then tried to do an advanced reatart to reset the computer which again resulted in this black screen. I had to turn the computer off again at the power and try again. This time i tried to boot to safe mode using command prompt. AGAIN the black screen. I thought there must be something wrong with the Hard drive, i disconnected the hard drive and plugged in a brand new one and booted up. I expected the bios to load but no it was just the black screen again. Does anyone have any ideas what could be going on? Any advice would be appreciated. I hope this all makes sense
  8. Hi all, Would you recommend a CPU cooler? The setup I currently have is: Corsair Obsidian 750D Airflow EVGA 850W Power Supply I9-9900K Processor Gigabyte Aorus Master Motherboard EVGA 2080ti 32GB DDR4 1TB SSD 4TB Sata Any advice on this would be appreciated
  9. I think I will have to go for the attached, I cant seem to get the 2080ti for any less that £920 and it is made by zotac and i dont really know that make
  10. And the rtx 2080 will perform well with 4k video editing and gaming? I know the 2080ti is a bit out of budget but it does look like a beast. I dont have any processors at the moment. I will be going to this from a GTX960M that is currently in my laptop
  11. Thanks, Is the RTX 2080 slighly better still anyway?
  12. I heard that the 1080ti is still better performance though, would this be right?
  13. Ok everyone, So far I have bought the following: Corsair Obsidian 750D Airflow EVGA 850W Power Supply I9-9900K Processor Gigabyte Aorus Master Motherboard Any suggestions on a decent graphics card for 4k? Will the 1080ti be good enough for high end gaming and high end video editing? What do you all think for DDR4 memory? Will 32GB be enough Is there anything else I should add?
  14. Thanks for this, what are your thoughts on ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero?