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  1. Man i think you are new to the PCMR community no you don't but still better buy it from steam
  2. I am looking for someone to play phantom forces with my roblox id is ax200godofgaming
  3. Try dead space also if you like ganes like resident evil it runs at 27 fos for me with intel hd 5500 4gb ram
  4. So well you can download it better than ps3 game streaming for me
  5. Steam for life!!!!! Buy on steam for next time epic is shit bruh!!
  6. You can buy a xbox 360 disk insert it in the one and viola you are good to go
  7. if anyone in india wants ti build this i am willing to sell my original xbox
  8. As you get more fps on cs go the gpu forces the cpu to give out more and more fps thus the game is more cou intensive than gpu intensive
  9. Anti aliasing Antistropic filtering Maybe turn the res to 2k Putting these settings to low will increase the fps a lot and if you are playing at 1080p or 2k maybe you can put the textures to very high or high Depth of field also gives fps boost
  10. I had intel hd 5500 i played the modern warfare trilogy and it ran fine
  11. He is talking only about ps4 slim and xbox one s Moreover i am a pc gamer do not think that i am supporting the xbox
  12. In india steam lunar new year sale (on-going)
  13. Like 12 dollars on steam in my country