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  1. I'm looking to get a new set of speakers for my desktop. I heard Audioengine +5 is good. Any other recommendations?
  2. Super Awesome build! Extremely neat!
  3. Can't believe you filled the 900D!!! Looks soooooo good!
  4. Aerozonea

    Hack Pro

    Looking forward to more of this build!
  5. does anyone think that youtube's home page is getting bad to worst? random video from a year ago is popping up from no where.... hate the new home page!
  6. Outstanding build! Love the neon green lub!
  7. Oh please its just a single word. Try hearing what comes out of someone who just got ksed...
  8. I'm using a quickfire TK at it is AWESOME! i think all mechanical keyboards are awesome. Haven't tried them all but i think i would be great as well!
  9. 3 nights alone in the amazon forest, i would do it but totally not naked....
  10. It's been some time since the game has released. Did EA make any improvements to the game?
  11. The new forum layout looks much cleaner than before and feels way better using it.