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  1. My budget is 500$ for the gpu so you know. I want someting that is worth my money and that is enough to play my game without any hassle. I have a 144hz screen and play generally gpu intensive games
  2. So basicly the powerful card but which one deliver better performance for AAA games and competitive game. Do you have some benchmark? Which one should I choose? RED TEAM OR GREEN TEAM?
  3. You sure because i already open the gpu. Wouldn't be stupid to ask them a replacement?
  4. do you know where i can find rtx founder edition gpu screw for backplate. I search alot and didn't find it.
  5. the thing is that is your running a gpu that has a low rate tdp that high and card like rtx series or other
  6. I will give you my result when i finish everyting. Now im filling my loop so...
  7. ye i know thanks for the help but i'm not sure if their is enough clearence for an exhaust but i will try. ANd for the case is a Be Quiet Pure Base 500, its fearly compact case but i was able to cram 2 240mm rad so wont complain at all. The only matter of this case it has closed front panel with some small mesh grill so take that in mind.
  8. Ye when i saw the picture i was afraid but its just a camera angle thing
  9. I did not finish my system. I will also water cool my gpu. And for the fan/rad position, do you have any advice?
  10. But for maintenance wouldn't be good to put an anti corrosive layer on the block, I know that the fluid and other thing already have anti corrosive additive but you know better to be careful, no?
  11. But this thing is just a coating that you put on the blocks. So It should help for corrosion and other thing to happen. The only question that i was wondering is the effect on thermal conductivity. Also i choose aluminium because it is cheap and efficient enough to cool my pc. The only disadvantage that aluminum have is less lifespan than other metal used in blocks. And also you are mixing metal. Isn't that bad for galvanic corrosion!!??
  12. Ye So I worked in Bombardier INC. and i used many time a product on aluminum that protect against corrosion and can also protect against the loss of electrical conductivity. Wanted to know if its affect Thermal conductivity on a custom loop ( cpu / gpu block.) and if its efficient in long term. https://www.aircraftspruce.ca/catalog/cspages/touchprep.php?gclid=CjwKCAiA-vLyBRBWEiwAzOkGVLr4bvkFIhYD6rMC9hobLYPFs4G7jK7TEmARFAiK2zBKUWLKA1ERjxoC9noQAvD_BwE Maybe a video for Linus Tech Tip
  13. But i heard it can also help me to change the fan speed