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  1. Rock out with your 2600 til the 4000 series of ryzen comes out then upgrade if you want to. I use a 3600x with a 5700xt and I can’t hit 144fps in all games at 1080p max settings. If I lower some stuff in game I can hit 144 fps avg most of the time depending on the game of course. The only issue with 1st and 2nd gen ryzen was the single threaded speed needed for high refresh rate gaming. The 2nd gen isn’t bad by any means but I wouldn’t bank on hitting 144fps in everything unless you dial back your settings
  2. Here’s my results with a 3600x and 5700xt @1080p with max settings
  3. I have no complaints with the setup at all. I use my 4k tv with a controller for open world games like fallout and older titles that can do 4k 60fps and it’s nice being able to dabble in 4k gaming Everything I play @1080p stays above 100fps for the most part. I could lower settings and get the 144 but it’s not needed. I haven’t checked cpu usage, I need to find a way to log it while I’m playing then go back and see what it’s looking like. Any ideas on what to use for that?
  4. Idk where your located but I know by me $530-$600 would get a 2070 super after tax. I would do ryzen 5 3600 $179 B450 msi tomahawk $100 16gb ddr4 320hz ram $100 So $379 for that leaving you money left over. I would get a rx5700xt for $400 I’ve seen these for close to $350 recently. This would put you at $729-$779 sell that 1060 you have for $100 and call it a day. All new insides besides your drives for what you would spend on the intel set up alone
  5. My sapphire pulse 5700xt has been solid, seems like something is off here
  6. Going from the rx580 it was definitely a big upgrade, Seige pretty much stays over 144fps at ultra but there's a bunch of games I can't run max settings avg 144fps at 1080p. I would have to really pay attention to the cpu usage in game, I honestly don't look at it as long as my framerate is up there I'm good. I'll load some stuff up now and see what I'm getting
  7. I’ve got a 360 in my store that only does Netflix and Hulu. Been using it for years
  8. I use a pulse 5700xt at 1080p 144hz and it’s nice. I saw some people saying the 5700xt was overkill but I can’t max everything out at 1080p and 144fps. I had a rx580 8gb card before and it was a huge improvement. If you can afford to spare the money for the upgrade I say go for it
  9. I’ve used the sapphire trixx software on my pulse 5700xt to upscale images on my 4k tv. Fallou 4 was awesome looking on a big screen
  10. I run a Corsair rmx550 in my rig in my signature. 3600x, Corsair H100i cooler, rx5700xt, 3 ssd’s, 1 2tb mechanical drive
  11. Resident evil 3 at 1080p took 7gb of vram last night and pops up with a red message saying errors may occur. Depends what games you play and your settings.
  12. I wouldn’t buy a 6gb card right now. Not with the way everything is going higher res. If your on 1080p then you should be good but the 1440p and 4k guys need the vram
  13. Can you post a link of what site your talking about so people can look it up? Thank you
  14. 2070 for sure. It will kick ass at 1080p. I use a 5700xt at 1080p and it’s not as overkill as most people seem to think
  15. I have a sapphire pulse 5700xt that I paid $400 for a month ago. I’m very happy with the card performance wise, not a single driver issue or any issue with it so far. If you can get a decent 5700xt for $350 I’d be all over it. They have the promo going on still that comes with resident evil 3 remake, monster hunter world and 3 months of game pass for pc too making it a very good deal for what your getting. Performance wise yeah it’s slower then a 2070 super buts also $150 cheaper if you can snag it at that $350 price. I say go for it, I don’t regret paying $400 for mine, $350 would of been awesome
  16. Ryzen is a good option here. You could do mobo cpu and ram for the price of a intel cpu and mobo easily.
  17. What do you want to know? I have a 3600x and the pulse 5700xt. I use a 27 inch 1080p 144hz ips monitor for my shooters and a 43 inch tcl 43S525 4k tv for my open world or controller games. If you have any questions feel free to ask away, I’ll help with what I can
  18. I was in a similar pickle a month ago. I bought a rx5700 and had a ton of issues with it. I returned it and the next day they put out a driver fix for the black screen and bsod crashes people were getting. I had $450 max to spend so it was either a new rtx2060 super, new rtx 2070 or a rx5700xt. I bought the rx5700xt sapphire pulse card for $409. The card came with monster hunter world, resident evil 3 remake and 3 months of pc game pass. I wanted resident evil anyways so that was the icing on the cake for me to get the amd card. A month later (today) I haven’t had a single issue with this card. Framerate is always good, I play at 1080p for shooters and on my 4k tv for open world games with a controller. I’m very happy with the performance I get out of this card and if I had to do it again I’d get the 5700xt still I was upgrading from a rx580 that wasn’t cutting it at 1080p 144fps.
  19. Someone’s been doing some sketchy stuff. Tsk tsk
  20. Welcome to ryzen. My 3600x does the same thing and so does my buddies 3700x
  21. System specs? Need a little more info here
  22. I’m a sucker for brindle pit bulls. Here’s my last female, she lived 14 years. Pitbulls are my favorite dog breed. They are so loving and lazy. I’ve had them for about 30 years now and won’t get a different breed. The Weimaraner is my wife’s dog that she got right when we first got together.
  23. Here’s a vid of all 3 dogs playing with a tug. 7 year old Weimaraner/Pointer mix, 3 year old female Pitbull and 3 month old Pitbull puppy IMG_1402.mov
  24. These two are totally unrelated but look almost identical. I’ve had the female for 3 years now and the puppy for 2 months. I got both from the humane society shelter. I was worried about bringing a puppy in the house but she took to him immediately and they are constantly with each other.
  25. 2600x for sure and use the saved money towards your video card or a big ssd