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  1. Why do you come in here and shit on people trying to get this card? Are they not entitled to having feelings and expressing them here with people of similar interests? This place is much nicer without you here starting crap with people.
  2. My friend was able to get a evga 3080 xc ultra at microcenter in cambridge MA. He just face timed me showing the card
  3. I dont think there ever was any stock of founders cards
  4. Went to best buy, they open in 11 minutes. People outside were going off. Said that someone came outside and said they gave out vouchers for people who were waiting there all night, the people going off were there all night. So idk if the employees got them all or what
  5. If you need the disc drive for movies then get the regular version if not go digital. I haven't bought a disc in years, I have a old dell that I use in the living with a blu ray drive to watch movies so I pre ordered the digital version already. I don't like dealing with cheap ass people hence me not doing physical discs. Fair price of $20 and someone offers you $5 pisses you off after hearing that for years on end is why I went digital. $400 for the digital console is a steal
  6. Rocket league is a fun game to play with friends. Is it cross platform yet?
  7. Digital all the way. I’ll buy it day one if I can find one. I haven’t bought a disc in years. Now the thing is will my ps4 games work on the Ps5? As long as they do I’ll be happy to hand over the $428 with tax to get one. I sold my ps4 pro for $275 this week just to make sure I push myself to get the new system
  8. Yeah it’s an evga xc ultra that was purchased in November so it still has over 2 years of warranty on it. I went from a 2060 super to the 2080 super. I play games that ran fine on the 2060 super so I don’t need to upgrade. Maybe in the next year or two we’ll get affordable 4k 144hz monitors.
  9. Can’t lie I’m disappointed with the numbers at 1440p. A 2080 super avg 107 fps vs 3080 154fps. I can’t see spending $700 when I’m already over 100fps in most of my games already. This is a good improvement that we needed to see with 4k trying to be the thing now a days. I’m happy that we are seeing playable framerates at 4k instead of the 40-60 numbers we had before. I’ll stick with my $250 rtx 2080 super that I bought when people panic sold cards after the reveal. It still does the job just fine on my 1440p 144hz monitor. To everyone that buys this, I hope you enjoy your card. I myself can’t spend the money and will wait til the rtx4000 series comes out when ray tracing should really be a thing in games and not some random ass add on some developers put in games
  10. I’m glad Sony did this. I don’t want the disc drive. The games I play aren’t worth selling anyways so this is a win for me. I haven’t bought a disc in years
  11. Take my money, I'll get a PS5 at launch. Never had a single issue with any sony console I've owned. Microsoft on the other hand, that's a hard pass. I wouldn't buy it even if it was cheaper. 3 360's red ringed on me, 1 xbox one had a blu ray drive go bad, Xbox one x had a hdmi port take a shit. Sony will get my money once again
  12. If you plan on doing 1440p 144hz or 4k 60+ go with the ryzen cpu and the 3080. If your at 1080p the 3070 should be fine.
  13. What resolution do you play at? R6 isn’t that big of a potato. I see 90%+ usage playing it on my rig