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  1. I think I used the term wrong, but I meant in the sense that the PC is mostly put together and all you would need to do is throw in your storage devices. EDIT: assuming said storage device has Windows 10 Installed
  2. I do have loads of SSD's and HDD's that are not being used and I have no intention to. The Fortnite part cracked me up, but as funny as it is, it's true.
  3. @dgsddfgdfhgs So including the overall good condition, parts, and the fact that it is already put together with amazing cable management, do you think I could sell it for $500?
  4. First to start I would like to say I don't intend on selling the PC for a few months but I like to plan ahead of time for things like this. I am looking into getting a completely new PC as I am finally working full time and I want to go all out on a new system. And I would like to know how much of the new PC can be paid for using what I get for my current one PC Specs CPU : Intel i7 6700 CPU Cooler: Stock intel CPU Cooler Motherboard: H170 Pro Memory: XPG Z1 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4 2133MHz Storage: Not included Video Card: MSI GAMING GeForce RTX 2060 6GB GDRR6 Case: I cannot find the exact case name or model but it is the one shown in the photo added. PSU:500W PSU Evidently the PC was bought used from someone I believe a year or two back who most likely bought it as a pre built. About 4 months ago I put a brand new RTX 2060 into the PC and I have never had an issue with the PC hardware wise, it performs exactly how I thought it would and how it should, there is no damage to any of the parts or case at all I do intend to clean the PC and get more detailed specs and throwing benchmarks into the post when selling it. I am not including the Storage as I planned to use it for the new PC I am building. The overall condition of the PC visibly is brand new despite it probably being a few years old. I just want a general range of what I should expect so I know what around what I should expect to get for this PC when I sell it. I am aware it will probably be a low amount but I do need an honest opinion on what you would buy or sell it for. I don't wanna be the guy selling a PC for way more or less than what it is worth. PS Sorry if this post is a mess I am relatively new to forums and do not know how to format this type of thing, if you could also give me some tips on that or lead me to a place where I could learn a little, please do.
  5. @Mr.Humble When it comes to higher refresh rates, is there any way you are able to benefit from them when not reaching the FPS to match it on certain titles, is this something that FreeSync and G-Sync makes possible?
  6. What would you consider some common things that are RAM intensive?
  7. @LienusLateTips I do have monitors and all of the peripherals but I am looking into an upgrade them as I am currently using budget friendly stuff and I want to go all out on this whole setup. EDIT: I am in the US
  8. @Mr.Humble I have a few questions, I am just now starting to actually learn about PC's and not just using them and I want to make sure I make the best decision with my money 1. Are parts from certain companies like CPUs and GPUs (AMD and Intel) going to perform objectively better due to more updates in the programs catered towards those companies hardware? 2. I forgot to mention but I already have a 6 TB WD Black HDD that my dad gave me and a 1 TB SSD from Samsung, if I were saving money in those places would there be a potential upgrade I could make on any part to assure I meet my goals in the future?
  9. Hello everyone, I just graduated from high school a few months ago which has allowed me loads of more time to focus on working while I prepare for college, after a lot of thought and planning I have decided I am going to be attending online school purely for convenience location and pricing. Since I have been working so much I finally am in a position where I feel I can start planning a build for myself without cutting any corners and sacrificing performance due to a budget. My overall goal for this PC is something I can make no graphical sacrifices on playing at 1440p minimum 60 FPS. As well as a PC that could support really CPU intensive programs running while still being able to have something such as Google Chrome running well. I am going to be using this PC throughout college and I need it to be able to be do anything I throw at it gaming/work wise. If the PC is able to meet my goals then budget isn't something I will worry about, but I do not want to spend extra exceeding those goals. Thank you for reading this all, I haven't ever really been active on a forum before so I tried to make the post easy on the eyes, if you comment any suggestions for parts on a PC build if you can please throw in some suggestions on how to format posts on most forums as I get a lot of stuff for that which is a big reason I tend to avoid them.
  10. So to sum up why I'm in this situation, my mom and dad got into an argument last night and my dad controls the internet whenever he's mad. Before he left he did something to the internet on everyone in the houses computer we are wired. It shows it is "Connected" and shows connected everywhere. Yet whenever you try to connect to any website or do anything that requires internet it won't connect. My mom has tasked me with fixing this because she things I'm knowledgeable with this type of thing. We cant get to the router or switch because my dad has locked it up in the boiler room. We don't know when he is gonna come back because when they right he disappears for weeks on end sometimes. I need to find out how to bypass whatever he has set to block the connections of our computers, I don't know how to tell what he is blocking about the computer.
  11. I press F1 and the password is still there though.
  12. I have tried the jumper technique I see everywhere for resetting the CMOS. but once I turn the computer on it pops up "American Megatrends" and gives me The option to recover the BIOS setting and nothing else I am doing this because I forgot my BIOS password. I am using an Asus H170-Pro