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    Katarn reacted to ARikozuM in Whats Actually The Best PHOTOREALISTIC PC GAME that exists? I have gta v with insane graphics mods   
    Until the big tiddy hits you right in the 4K 8K. 
    My votes go to Resident Evil 2 reboot, Detroit: Become Human, and Modern Warfare 2019 if we're talking vanilla graphics. Skyrim definitely hits the point of indiscernible differences if we omit said big tiddy, elf ears, and f#cking dragons. 
    Edit: For some reason I didn't single out magic, but I did tiddies... #Truth
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    Katarn got a reaction from Thready in When does AMD's free game promo end?   
    I think it's safe to assume that it will last until at least the second half of November. There is no way of knowing, but I don't see why they would stop the promotion early. The parts are still new, still being bought, and still in competition with nVidia's products, who also try to allure with game deals.
    I think that a jump in prices is more likely to happen than game deals expiring (though I wouldn't expect a jump in prices either, except for specific models like the Nitro+).
    Now, if you are asking about the specific game deals, then I can't really tell. They may change next month with the release/promotions of other hot games, but that is not necessarily a bad thing - unless you really want to choose between Ubisoft's absolute mess and Gearbox's moderate mess.
    It also depends on the retailer, i.e. if the retailer has that kind of deal with AMD in the first place, and/or (probably) if they plan to maintain it.
    For instance, I will be buying an all AMD build (R5 3600, RX 5700 XT), and I am entitled to NO games, as AMD has that deal with NO retailers neither where I live nor to any country close to where I live. That's quite unfair, and almost discriminatory, but - [rant interrupted due to not being on-topic]
    - I think you'll be fine. As long as the retailer has it good with AMD, you should be able to get free games and Xbox Game Pass come November.
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    Katarn reacted to WereCat in Samsung 860 EVO 500GB vs Samsung 970 EVO Plus 250GB   
    Get the 500GB.
    The only really noticeable difference in speed is if you were moving large files like 4k videos. 
    The random speeds on SATA vs NVME is barely noticeable regarding the system/game performance. 
    Or check how much does the SX8200 Pro cost, its usually a lot cheaper and better than the 970EVO so you may be able to maybe get 500GB NVME if it's cheap where you live. 
    For SATA drives, also check Crucial MX500. 
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    Katarn got a reaction from WereCat in Samsung 860 EVO 500GB vs Samsung 970 EVO Plus 250GB   
    Recommend me some.
    As long as the model is available at Siewert & Kau, I should be able to get it (https://shop.siewert-kau.de/storage).
    Yes, it is available. I can't tell the price, but, going from NewEgg and Amazon, it should be significantly less expensive than either the 860 or the 970.
    Any reaosn to go for a SATA drive over the SX8200?
    Also, I forgot to mention in my previous post (in case it is relevant to my choice of SSD): the system I'm building is an R5 3600 RX5700 XT build with a 1TB 7200RPM HDD and a 2TB 5400 storage. It is intended for Blender 3D (modeling, sculpting, texturing, rendering), game design (UE4), video editing (YouTube quality), and gaming.
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    Katarn reacted to Windows7ge in Moving Disks from One System to Another   
    There's tricks to this but I don't clone drives myself so I can't help you there.
    I must have mis-read then. I thought he was looking to reuse software existing on the old OS install.
    With SSD's you should be able to fill them up to or past 90% before seeing serious performance degradation. If it can be helped though always leave some free space.
    I can return to your other questions later.
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    Katarn reacted to homeap5 in Moving Disks from One System to Another   
    First - your old programs do not show up in your new system. They will be saved as files on your old drive, but system will not detect them. You must install your software again on new system. Some programs may works, but others needs to be installed again (or at least you must copy some registry entries from old system to new one if you know how).
    Games (separate installs) should works fine without reinstallation.
    Games in Origin / Steam / etc. will work too with small preparation (easy to find on internet).
    About booting your old system after motherboard change - yes, you can. System will find new drivers and runs fine without problems. Even if you change from Intel to AMD.
    You can do whatever you want and on this forum you can find answers to all your questions, because people asks all the time about motherboard changes, cloning system etc. Of course some people answer it's not a good idea (clone) or impossible (to change motherboard without fresh install), but I say it's perfectly good. I cloned (imaged and restored in fact) lot of drives and changes lot of motherboards using the same system(s). Even since win7. And win10 is much better in that. BUT, as I see, you have not so big experience in that matter, so I don't recommend it for you - just saying that it's good option and possible.
    Before you start asking more questions - just try it by yourself. Is nothing wrong with trying all possibilities. Unless you start with format and fresh install - then you'll have no chance to check other options.
    At start I recommend to have two separate systems on two drives - old and new. Old one will be for your work if you need your old programs and have no time (yet) to configure everything on new system. After 1 or 2 weeks, step by step, you should made your new system operational.
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    Katarn reacted to Windows7ge in Moving Disks from One System to Another   
    If the program & it's files exist on the same drive then yes. If you try to have the program on one drive but it's files on the other drive you'll have to manually readdress where the program can find them.
    If the new system comes with a Microsoft Office key then you would have your pre-existing install and the new one. If you do a fresh install using the key that comes with the new system then you would have two separate installs of the program. One on the old drive one on the new.
    If you don't format the disk then uninstalling the programs won't do anything for you. Windows will take up it's own space (a fair number of GB) what you do with it is up to you.
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    Katarn reacted to Windows7ge in Moving Disks from One System to Another   
    For Storage drives that aren't hosting the OS it's easy plug'n'play. The Storage drive will show up under D:/ or E:/ as it did before.
    The drive with your old OS is a bit more complicated. You can clone it to the SSD if time is an issue but I'm an advocate for doing a fresh install. You can still access the files on this disk if you connect it like the storage drive but if you install programs on your new SSD you'd have to tell them to find their resources on this non-boot disk and that can take a lot of time and doesn't always work.
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    Katarn reacted to homeap5 in Moving Disks from One System to Another   
    You can move all your drives to new computer without problem. No format required, no actions required (except settings in BIOS to choose right bootable drive).
    Your current NEW OS will work the same, your old OS will remain unused (you can boot it if you want though; is nice sometimes to have second OS in case something is wrong with your main OS).
    Plug old drive to your computer is basically the same as plug pendrive to any computer - all data remains the same, nothing changed until you change it by your actions.
    You can have ALL your drives connected and don't worry about anything including power consumption - HDD or SSD needs only few watts each. I have 4 HDDs and 2 SSDs and sometimes I connect another drive and everything works perfect.
    Remember that your drive letters will be different in new system - your current "C" may be "E" or "F" etc.
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    Katarn reacted to mariushm in 550W 80+ Gold PSU... the one I wanted is not available   
    If it's new/unused, I'd go with the Antec model, simply because I know it's made by Seasonic and it's an excellent design inside.
    Hardware wise, Antec has higher current capabilities on 3.3v and 5v (20A vs 15A) but this is not really a strong plus, it doesn't really matter that much.
    I don't know who's the OEM of Reactor and I can't easily find reviews for it at the moment, so I'll default to the known, the Antec one.
  11. Informative
    Katarn reacted to mariushm in 550W 80+ Gold PSU... the one I wanted is not available   
    That Antec is fine... it's a rebrand of Seasonic SSR-xxxRT series  ... basically it's a Seasonic SSR-550RT  (Seasonic S12G)
    Here's Antec review: https://www.anandtech.com/show/8571/antec-edge-550w-power-supply-review
    Here's Seasonic S12G reviews : https://www.hardocp.com/article/2014/02/18/seasonic_s12gseries_s12g550_power_supply_review/
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    Katarn got a reaction from FezBoy in Monster vs RedBull   
    Nice try, Kyle.
  13. Informative
    Katarn reacted to BTGbullseye in Gigabyte RTX 2060 Super Gaming OC vs Sapphire RX 5700 XT Nitro+   
    Court case made warranty invalidation from anything that shouldn't destroy the component, or change it's characteristics to outside that of what the component is designed to do, invalid. Basically, you can mod your GPU in any way you want, both physically and using software, but flashing the wrong firmware might invalidate the warranty. (depending on what the firmware does)
    Because it's illegal to use that kind of monitoring.
    Only if it wasn't just a simple slider adjustment in the manufacturer's software that gets installed with the driver by default. AMD makes it incredibly easy to overclock your stuff safely.
    It's not that risky anymore. The GPU uses self-throttling to keep the temps safe, and you can't turn it off. As long as it stays under 105°c at the junction, no damage can occur. Also, those numbers aren't all that impressive for a 5700 XT, even though they may seem like it. (this is on the reference blower cooler, but I replaced the thermal pads with good thermal paste)
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    Katarn got a reaction from EL02 in Monster vs RedBull   
    Nice try, Kyle.
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    Katarn got a reaction from BiG StroOnZ in Monster vs RedBull   
    Nice try, Kyle.
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    Katarn reacted to BiG StroOnZ in Monster vs RedBull   
  17. Funny
    Katarn reacted to slippers_ in Monster vs RedBull   
    Blacker than the night is the only way forward 
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    Katarn reacted to Tzztr Rrtr in Standard Blower RX5700 vs 2060 SUPER   
    Okay, so while I tried to decide the 2060S went out of stock and the other 2060S are way more expensive and I actually found a 5700 for just 296€ and because I didn't want it to go out of stock too I just bought it! 
    Wish me luck that I don't have stability issues 😅
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    Katarn reacted to BTGbullseye in Graphics card categories   
    1. Depends on country. The RX 580 in will have the best price/performance ratio in most countries, with the RX 570 in second place.
    2. RX 5700 XT (5th best price/performance ratio for midrange after the Vega 56, RTX 2060, RX 5700, and RTX 2060 Super) or RTX 2070 Super. (though the Super might be outside the "mid-range" category due to being priced over $450USD)
    3. RTX 2080 TI. It is the best consumer GPU out there, no question. (no one is going to buy the Titan V CEO Edition just to beat a 2080 TI by ~1% on a benchmark) It's nowhere near a decent price/performance ratio though, owing to its $1000USD price tag. (still better than its launch price of $1200 though)
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    Katarn reacted to nick name in Looking for CSGO Team   
    If you want to stay in silver then I'm your guy!
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    Katarn reacted to i_build_nanosuits in RX 5700XT Best Model (Sapphire Pulse, Nitro+, Gigabyte)   
    that MSI card looks very quiet with those two big fans...this would be a card i'd like if it wasn't that i have a MSI 1080ti Gaming X Trio... 😛 but yeah, MSI gaming cards are very well built...good fans and bearings, good heatsinks etc.
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    Katarn reacted to BigDamn in RX 5700XT Best Model (Sapphire Pulse, Nitro+, Gigabyte)   
    Definitely not worth that much extra.
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    Katarn reacted to Anomnomnomaly in RX 5700XT Best Model (Sapphire Pulse, Nitro+, Gigabyte)   
    I've never had much luck with Gigabyte stuff... my current Aorus B450 board has been a constant pain and refuses to work with 3200mhz ram... and even at 3000mhz it still randomly boots up and resets the bios.
    Updated it to F42a 2 weeks ago and still not fixed, still won't run the memory any higher.... Be glad when I upgrade to a B550 board when they come out and this one can be relegated to my mediaserver as that needs an upgrade.
    So if their vid cards are as flaky as their boards... I'd avoid them.
    I have however just picked up a 5700XT Pulse after having the RX580 Pulse for a few years... and it seems solid so far, performance is good thermals are good and it's boosting to 2000mhz rather than the 1925 advertised and staying within 20mhz of that target whilst gaming.  So far I've boosted the memory from 1750 to 1900 too... and will continue to tweak in the coming days.  My old 580 Pulse wasn't great on core OC (only got about 70 extra, but the memory would happily max out @ 2250 up from stock 2000.
    So at this point... I can recommend the sapphire pulse, and it's a fair bit cheaper than the Nitro... although that may vary depending on country... UK here, so we get screwed.
  24. Informative
    Katarn reacted to Master Disaster in Gigabyte RTX 2060 Super Gaming OC vs Sapphire RX 5700 XT Nitro+   
    I have mine OCed to its limit and I still can't hear the fan over the noise my case already makes but I should point out that I do have one fan that has squeaky bearings and makes way more noise than it should so not a fair comparison. I was going to replace the fan this month but I've decided to go full custom loop after Christmas is over so I can live with it for now.
    As for temps, it can get quite toasty, I've seen 85°c under a stress test but for average gaming it normally stays below 80°c.
    Here's a Time Spy run at stock - https://www.3dmark.com/spy/8323766
    And another with both the CPU & GPU OCed - https://www.3dmark.com/spy/8534454
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    Katarn reacted to PHYLO in Gigabyte RTX 2060 Super Gaming OC vs Sapphire RX 5700 XT Nitro+   
    Yea, but lets forget about MSI's crappy 5700/5700XT Evoke, EVGA's huge GTX 900 series heatsink screw up, and ASUS overpriced cards for something that looks "cooler" than the others.
    I've never had an issue with Gigabyte and neither has a single one of my friends. Just a senseless hate train for the company from people saying they screw up more than other manufacturers (which is, uh... false...).