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  1. I think there is something wrong. I don't know if Speed Fan is incompatible with my motherboard (MSI B450 Tomahawk Max) or something else, but I am not seeing anything of what is in the video. Under Configure, the Temperatures tab shows only the three hard drives (even though one of them is an NVMe, not an HDD). The Advanced tab is empty. So is everything else under Configure, except for Options. When I check Advanced Fan Control, the Add button is greyed out. The only field that is not completely empty is the Exotics tab, which shows my CPU cores alongside my three drives. Readings shows neither % fan speed nor RPM. It shows no fans. Just the three drives and their temperatures. The program does not recognize my GPU either. The bottom half of the Readings tab is completely empty (no place to enter values or the little arrows) - it is literally empty. In fact, there is nothing in that tab I can click other than the "Configure" and the "Minimze" buttons. Other tabs are not much better.
  2. I installed Speed Fan. But other than the the temperature of the hard drives and CPU usage, the Readings tab shows nothing. I don't think it recognizes the fans (or anything else other than the hard drives for that matter)
  3. That is an informative read, but it's from 2018, and it is about Ryzen 2, not 3. It also does not have the AMD High Performance setting. I game and work with Blender 3D, among other CPU intensive software. Should I just switch from one to the other depending on what I do? There is also a slider in the Power & Sleep settings menu. Currently the slider is in the middle. Should I slide it to the right (towards Best performance) or leave it as it is? I tested it last night with Metro: Exodus, and apart from the game slowing down to 45 FPS (on both settings) without the CPU going much over 50% utilization, I can't tell if there's a difference.
  4. I checked the fans. The side intake fan is plugged directly into the motherboard, and the front and rear fans are plugged in the manual fan-controllers near the top of the case, which is itself plugged into the motherboard. This also explains why, when using the controller, the front and the rear fans turn off/slow down, but the window fan keeps going at full speed. Considering that turning off the front and rear fans does not make the case significantly quieter, could the window fan be the one to blame for the majority of the noise? Could you recommend me some?
  5. Yesterday I got my new system. The Case I am using is an Antec GX 500 Window Blue (I thought I had ordered the windowless Black version, but this one is the same except for... well, the window). It is loud. According to specs, the GX 500 should have had the same noise levels as my previous case - yet it does not. It is significantly louder. Sound Meter, the app I use to measure noise levels, shows 45 db. Online reviews measured the noise levels at 35 dbA at 100%. It seems that the fans are running at full speed. I have no way of knowing if they are 100%, but... it sure sounds like it. The GX 500 has manual fan controls (only one of which seems to have any effect btw), but it doesn't make much of a difference whether I set the fans to low, stop, or high speed. It is still very loud. Any ideas what could be causing this issue? How can I tell the exact speed of the fans (and more importantly, how can I control it)? How do I know it is the case fans, and not the CPU cooler, the PSU cooler, or the GPU coolers that are making so much noise? Relevant system specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 GPU: Sapphire Radeon RX5700 XT Pulse PSU: Antec EDG 550W Gold Plus (Silence Defined, btw) ps: if at all relevant, I am using a Samsung 970 NVMe, and two Western Digital HDDs. I think the PC became louder when I installed the storage disk, a Western Digital Red 2TB 5400 RPM.
  6. Is it a good idea to leave the power plan on Balanced, and just change it to High Performance whenever I'm rendering, working, or gaming? Does High Performance over-clock the CPU automatically, or does it just allow it to work at its default clock, i.e. does Balanced run at lower than the default specs? Doesn't High Performance wear out the CPU? What qualifies as "the cooling" and a power bill that "isn't killing me"? Will I get a substantially higher power bill if I go for High Performance?
  7. I just got a Ryzen 5 3600. I have a quick question: Is there a consensus on the best power plan? How big of an impact on performance does one experience with the AMD Ryzen Balanced plan (which is what it was set to by default) over the AMD Ryzen High Performance plan? Thanks
  8. Thank you for your replies @Saksham and @Tan3l6 I now know not to order two NVMe's right away. Would you recommend me a good SATA SSD for that system? Alternatively, what is the cheapest (and hopefully decent) motherboard that could support an NVMe with which I could replace the H110? It is ok if that board requires a more recent CPU like the i5 8400 or the R5 2600. I'd be fine replacing the CPU as well. This last one is just an idea, I don't think I will do it unless the replacement is reasonably priced for what it is, but I'm open to suggestions.
  9. I saw your reply immediately after replying to Saksham. So what would you advise if it's 100% incompatible? Getting a new MoBo for that system too?
  10. That's just the thing. Some sources show that it does support NVMe, others are silent on the matter. I will be giving this PC to my father, and he intends to work in Blender 3D (creating 3D assets, animating, some rendering), and gaming. He might venture into texturing as well, which would require an image editing program like Photoshop, and maybe something like Corel Draw and Adobe Page Maker for some other projects.
  11. I might be getting one or two (or if things get complicated one of each) of these two SSDs (SX 8200 512GB and 970 EVO 250GB). I want to put one in my old i5 build, but I'm not sure if the motherboard could support it. It is a "glass cannon" build with mid-range CPU/GPU and everything else being as low-cost as possible. So the motherboard is Biostar H110MGC. The information I find online is inconclusive. So, will it support either of the two NVMe SSDs listed above, and would it be reasonable to put them in an i5 / 1060 6GB build? Thanks
  12. I would give you three answers: The 5700 is the better deal over the 2060 Super as it is significantly cheaper, but it performs similarly. If you are looking for a deal, i.e. to save money, go AMD. The only reason to go nVidia would be if you are either in a very desperate need of ShadowPlay, or whatever software you use is biased towards nVidia (most notably its CUDA cores). If you can extend your budget to the RTX 2060 Super, and have no need of nVidia's specific features, I think it is a good idea to look into the RX 5700 XT. The Sapphire Pulse will cost you the same (or even slightly less) than the Gigabyte 2060 Super, and it will perform significantly better. It costs ~$50 more than the non-XT version, with enough difference in performance to justify the price difference, which is also around the price of the new COD, and I think it is better to invest those money in performance and get the game separately, instead of getting a game for the value that could have given you much better performance. If you want both performance AND the game, the 2060 Super is the way to go. I think this is the most relevant answer to your conundrum. You will get better performance (not to mention CUDA cores and hardware encoder) and can get the new COD for free. The 5700 would not perform as well as the 2060S (very close, but not the same). The 5700 XT will require that you pay an extra sum for COD. But the 2060 Super will give you performance comparable to the XT version for $60 less (note that those $60 are the price of the game at launch, not the cards themselves). So I think you would get the best bang for your buck with the 2060 Super. And I am saying this as a 5700 XT user, so I can assure you there is no product-bias in my response.
  13. I think it's safe to assume that it will last until at least the second half of November. There is no way of knowing, but I don't see why they would stop the promotion early. The parts are still new, still being bought, and still in competition with nVidia's products, who also try to allure with game deals. I think that a jump in prices is more likely to happen than game deals expiring (though I wouldn't expect a jump in prices either, except for specific models like the Nitro+). Now, if you are asking about the specific game deals, then I can't really tell. They may change next month with the release/promotions of other hot games, but that is not necessarily a bad thing - unless you really want to choose between Ubisoft's absolute mess and Gearbox's moderate mess. It also depends on the retailer, i.e. if the retailer has that kind of deal with AMD in the first place, and/or (probably) if they plan to maintain it. For instance, I will be buying an all AMD build (R5 3600, RX 5700 XT), and I am entitled to NO games, as AMD has that deal with NO retailers neither where I live nor to any country close to where I live. That's quite unfair, and almost discriminatory, but - [rant interrupted due to not being on-topic] - I think you'll be fine. As long as the retailer has it good with AMD, you should be able to get free games and Xbox Game Pass come November.
  14. Recommend me some. As long as the model is available at Siewert & Kau, I should be able to get it (https://shop.siewert-kau.de/storage). Yes, it is available. I can't tell the price, but, going from NewEgg and Amazon, it should be significantly less expensive than either the 860 or the 970. Any reaosn to go for a SATA drive over the SX8200? Also, I forgot to mention in my previous post (in case it is relevant to my choice of SSD): the system I'm building is an R5 3600 RX5700 XT build with a 1TB 7200RPM HDD and a 2TB 5400 storage. It is intended for Blender 3D (modeling, sculpting, texturing, rendering), game design (UE4), video editing (YouTube quality), and gaming.
  15. I was originally going to get the 970 250 GB (NVMe) over the 860 250 GB, but I have noticed that there is a 500 GB version of the 860 for around the same price. Is it the better deal? I've been told here that I am unlikely to notice the speed difference between the two, at which point I have started wondering if it might be a better idea to get the one with more space instead. Is this the case, or should I still go for the 970 250GB over the 860 500GB? Thanks.