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  1. Same PC from the previous thread - i5-8400, RTX 2060, 2 x 8GB 2400, AsRock H310M LGA 1151, 2666. I am looking for a reliable case at a low price. I don't really know what it is that I am supposed to be looking for in a case (apart from USB ports, size, and airflow). I don't think I will be able to "order online", so my choice depends on what's on stock. I've been offered: Chieftec Uni UC-02B -- $40 Antec GX 200 -- $50 Sharkoon VG4W -- $49 Deepcool Tesseract SW-RD -- $49 note: prices in USD are regional equivalents; 1. Initially I wanted to get another Chieftec Uni UC-02B I am currently using it and it works well. With that said, my retailer told me that he is not sure if the Gigabyte RTX 2060 Windforce 2X would fit. From what I see from the specs, the 2060 is a 225.65mm card, and this case can fit a 250mm card. Does that mean that it will fit and I should use it? Or is it a "barely fitting" card which would make it a rather risky "tight fit"? 2. The retailer recommended that I get the Antec GX200 case, (not too sure about the price), but its specs seem inferior to the VG4W and the Tesseract. Moreover, the VG4W appears to be better than the Tesseract in that it has two front USB 3.0 ports (as does the Chieftec), which I do use. Which of the four is the best choice in regards to price-to-quality? For the record, I dislike the esthetics of both the VG4W and the the Tesseract. I don't necessarily care for aesthetics, but... I prefer "minimalist" cases. 3. Are there any brands that do not sacrifice quality for RGB? I would be looking forward to getting a good case at a low price, i.e. one which does not sacrifice quality for esthetics. Katarn
  2. Hello, I am interested in the reliability of these brands: Deepcool, Sharkoon, Chieftec, and Energon; and their price-to-performance value. I am in no position to purchase online. If you cannot inform me about the brands themselves, at least help me understand what it is that I am looking for in a good PSU. I am trying to build a PC. It will most likely be an i-5 8400, RTX 2060, 16GB DDR4 2400 build. The MB is the basest card that supports it, namely AsRock H310M LGA 1151, 2666. Since the build is around $560-$1000 (regional equivalent, 560 is without GPU, 1000 is with the 2060); I am looking for budget parts. I have several questions: 1. The PSU I was offered was Energon 750W, EPS-750W 13,5cm silent fan, 8Pin PCIe x 2 Not only could I not find reliable reviews online, but the only forum post I did find was of a person complaining that it had blown up (literally). So it seems like an unreliable PSU. My other choices within the range (~$80) are options by Sharkoon, Deepcool and a CoolerMaster 700W 20+4Pin (this one is out of stock). Which of these (Energon, Sharktoon, Deepcool) is the most reliable brand - I understand that the answer is most likely CoolerMaster, but it has a 4-pin connector, and I don't think that will work. 2. Do I really need 750W? Can I get away with less? What is the minimum I would need for this system? And should I? 3. For my present build (i5-7400, 16GB DDR4 2133, GTX 1060 6GB), I use a a Chieftec 500W CPS-500S. I don't understand what most of that means. But the PSU has been satisfactory. Should I try to get another Chieftec? 3. Should I invest in a better brand motherboard? (Gigabyte or MSI)? I know how this sounds... I am overpaying for a mid-range system; and I still have to make budget cuts on some of its elements so as not to exceed the $1000 line. But that's how things are where I live. This is the best deal I can get. So I would appreciate it if I don't get flack for "being cheap", unless you are positive that none of these brands are a good idea. Thanks, Katarn
  3. Katarn

    Ryzen 5 2600 or i5-8400

    Okay, so, at this point I am marginally more certain of what my choice will be. - According to this https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i5-8400-vs-AMD-Ryzen-5-2600/3939vs3955, the Ryzen seems to be vastly superior in some categories, and the i5 seems only sightly superior in others. This would make the Ryzen the better pick (especially as it is less expensive as well). Is this assumption correct? - However, the person for whom this computer is being built prefers Intel for reasons of familiarity and convenience (as in Intel CPU would be more convenient to use). Is it true that Intel is more "user-friendly"? - With that said, I will probably also be upgrading my own i5-7400 to an 8400 as well, which leads me to ask: is the i5-8400 a good upgrade? (keep in mind, these are two different computers; or should I just make a new thread about that?) - @Plutosaurus I cannot get an i7 partly because it is above the budget, and partly because it would be overkill for the computer's purpose. But - since you do recommend an i7, and the i5-8400 is more or less equal to the i7-7700, does that mean that the i5-8400 is the optimal CPU to get? Will 16GB DDR4 2133 RAM bottleneck the i5-8400 (and if so, by ~ how much)? - @Stefan Payne Overclocking is not a point of interest. Can the R5 2600 match the i5 without overclocking? How much of an advantage does the R5 have in animation and gaming (separately) with its extra threads and superior multi-core performance? Also, I would rather not get the RX 580 for the reason that AMD cards do not work well with AMD GPUs; at least not the last time I checked. Is $437 too much for an RTX 2060 OC Gigabyte Windforce 2X? (this is the cheapest one I could find)
  4. Hello. I am looking to buy a CPU. The title is pretty self-explanatory. With that said, here are some of the specifics of what I need: - Best bang for the buck - the i5 is $241 and the Ryzen 5 is $188 (should be able to get a mild discount on whichever I buy, but prices won't deviate too much); - 3D and 2D (nod) animation, editing, and rendering - no crazy effects or over-the-top particles, but I do expect "production value" to increase with the improved system; programs are Anime Studio Pro and Blender 3D (if it matters) - Gaming - 1080p, 60fps; AAA titles; I know benchmarks depend on the specific game, so I'm asking about the overall gaming performance, and - - futureproofing (I know this is hard to tell, but I just want to know it will not become irrelevant/dated fast as did Kaby Lake); - Best match for either 1060 6GB, RX 580, or 2060 (haven't decided on a GPU yet); - I am not looking to overclock; Note: The prices are shown in US Dollars, but they actually reflect the regional equivalents; that is why the numbers look so random. I will update if I come across better offers/prices; for the record, Ryzen 7 1800 might be an option, although I can't find one at the moment. Katarn