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  1. Fair enough, well yea thank you for your help! Will decide soon, thinking 144hz isnt needed and 2K might be worth it.
  2. Yea I do a lot of photo editing too, so that would probably be better. Wouldn't a flat panel look weird with a curved one though? Also would windows be able to run one at 144hz and one at 60hz?
  3. Would be ideal but it's expensive, $300!
  4. I am getting a second monitor. 24 inch in size, should it be: A. 1080p, 60hz, curved B. 1080p, 144hz, flat C. 1440p, 60hz, flat. My current monitor: 1080p, 144hz, curved
  5. UPDATE: I found a K95 RGB Platinum for £139. Is going for this worth it?
  6. Honestly I would just get a generic gaming chair off of Amazon. I got one for £100 and its just fine two years on.
  7. Yea a brown however they seem to be £40 more than reds! Blues are the same as reds here but harder to find. Is the K70 quality worth going with a red switch? I have never used a linear switch and so I don't know if it'd be good. And unfortunately there aren't any open places near me to test.
  8. As I said, anything with tactility, and I dont mind if it is clicky. United Kingdom, and no more than £120. I play casual games as well as work on here so an all rounder.
  9. Hi all, As the title says, which keyboard should I pick? I like the K70 Mk2 for its good quality build and metal finish, however only the CMX Red switches are available within my budget, which I dont really like. The K68 is available with Blue switches, and although I prefer something like Brown, I would much rather have tactility with clicking than linear. However this is a little less premium, and plastic. Finally breaking the theme is the BlackWidow elite. I have to replace my current keyboard as it started messing up keystrokes. It is a razer. And one of the reasons people don't like them is because of their quality. However what I like about the BWE is the plush palm rest everyone says they like, it doesnt look too bad, it is metal and it has razer green switches (equivalent to mx blues.) I also have been looking for a Corsair Keyboard for a while now because I wanted to switch. No particular reason just I like the brand and many other of my PC Parts are Corsair. K70 - £115 K68 - £89 BWE - £119 (UPDATE: Just found a K95 RGB Platinum - £139) This seems ideal but will the quality let me down?
  10. The Gigabyte 2060S Gaming OC which I am looking at has three Heatsinks connected by heat pipes and the structure.
  11. I heard the cooling performance is not very good with a single heatsink and two heat pipes.
  12. It's for preorder as it was meant to have been stocked last week but is currently overdue for delivery due to covid-19
  13. Hi I ordered this card however there is still time to cancel. I looked everywhere and I cant see any reviews on it, and it's quite cheap for a 2070 now so it may not be good. https://www.scan.co.uk/products/gigabyte-geforce-rtx-2070-windforce-2x-v1-8gb-gddr6-ray-tracing-graphics-card-2304-core-1410mhz-1620
  14. I know this has been asked thousands of times, however: - The 2070 in my case is £15 cheaper - I plan on upgrading to 1440p - It may see very light VR use as I have a standalone VR which can also be connected to PC. I have narrowed down to two choices: https://www.scan.co.uk/products/gigabyte-geforce-rtx-2060-super-gaming-oc-3x-8gb-gddr6-ray-tracing-graphics-card-2176-core-1470mhz-g https://www.scan.co.uk/products/gigabyte-geforce-rtx-2070-windforce-2x-v1-8gb-gddr6-ray-tracing-graphics-card-2304-core-1410mhz-1620 I really cant decide as although the 2070 is slightly cheaper, in PC Gaming I know I wont use the extra performance of the 2070 and the 2060S performance will be just fine for me. Games like DCS, War Thunder, and other simulators. (Hopefully the new MSFS). Plus I do like the three fans of the 2060S, although noise for me isnt much of an issue, less noise would be better. Also the 2060S has a nice LED Iluminated Logo at the top which is nice to have, and is a newer card. HOWEVER, the 2070 is a 2070 and is cheaper and I feel I may be overcomplicating this and I should just go with a 2070! Nvidia are also making it seem like the 2070 is already outdated, and it may not be very new but is it really that old as they make it out to be? What are your guys opinions on the cards?