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  1. So i cant seem to figure out my old password for logitechs services. Ive sent a reset password thingy, but once i get it its completly weird and i cant click on the button to reset my password. There is literlly NOTHING to click, and google thinks its dangerous and all. WHY cant i click on the button? Why does google think its a dangerous sender?
  2. So i installed a program called "voicemods" just to joke with my friends, but after i restarted my pc and tried opening discord, it would just crash! It would come to the screen where it says "welcome" then it would just close again and restart from the beginning. Ive so far tried wiping the discord cache, reinstalled it, and even uninstalled voicemod alongside all the virtual microphones, but so far no luck in getting it to work. Help? EDIT: it seems like it doesnt crash upon startup, but rather when i join a voice channel. I restarted my pc, so it was a fresh start for dc, so i wasnt connected to any voice channel, but when i connected it crashed. After it restarted it would just crash again, since it was trying to connect me to the voice channel.
  3. So i found a pair of turtle beach x12 headphones to replace my logitehc g430 as they are falling apart and the mic sounds shit. Anyways, when i got them plugged into my pc it seems like i can hear the mic. Ive checked everywhere in windows buyt havent found anything stating that i should hear the microphone. I also hear some "buzzing" when i move my mouse or do anything in windows, which seems extremly weird.
  4. So my microphone is currently picking up EVERYTHING i do, whenever i type or use the mouse, and its really annoying. Ive tried fixing it with voicemeeter banana but that doesnt do ANYTHING. Ive tried changing the sensitivty but it sitll picks up everything whenever i talk. Right now it feels like it picks up everything around me in a "circle". Ive read that the little "USB dongle" that it comes with makes the mic sound super bad, but if i plug it straight into the mobo ports its super quiet and ill have to boost it, but it also seems to make a small "buzzing" sound, which when i boost the mic levels makes it even more heard. im wondering if there are any way of making that "circle" smaller, so it wont pick up stuff thats like 30cm away, like my keyboard or mouse. Ive seen some posts on reddit where they just strapped a few layers of clothes or something around it to make it harder for the mic to pick up any noise other than ur voice. but that is pretty hard for me since my mic is on my headset and theirs was things like blue snowball or something. Should i just try to find some really dense cloth and strap it on my mic, i dont really mid if it looks weird.
  5. While you can buy things in destiny 2 that will in some ways or another boost ur power its not really a huge difffrence between free and bought destiny. Its mostly new campaigns and new weapons, but the base game still got A LOT of cool and interesting things you can do. You also get 2 of the first DLCs free! Curse of Osiris and Warmind, both got great campaigns and loot. I would recommend it. You can still get up to around 950 power (980 is the max, i think) wihtout buying any of the newest DLCs, so in pvp you wont really have a disadvantage either.
  6. CPU stays around 60c, with stock cooler and no OC. Gpu stays around 65-72c at ~2000rpm, no oc there either. @WoodenMarker
  7. Yeh i think its a 92mm fan. i tried it with a normal 120mm fan and it was to big, i didnt really know any other size so i went with 80mm. EDIT: looked it up on their website, and yep, its 92mm.
  8. I got the fractal design core 1000, with 1 fan in the front sucking air in, and one on the side panel sucking fresh air in for the gpu and also a fan on the PSU, but im wondering should i go buy a fan for the back of the case as a exhaust fan other than the PSU fan? A normal 120mm fan wont fit there either, so ill have to buy something like a 80mm fan or something AND a fan splitter too, since my mobo only got 2 fan ports. SPECS: r3 2200g 8gb dual channel 2933mhz OC xfx rs rx 480 4gb (worst heatsink ever made, super hot and loud) asrock a320m-hdv r3.0 1tb kingston as400 SSD 500gb HDD. corsair cx500m
  9. You should get a code when you purchase Java. So you buy Java and get windows 10 for free.
  10. The code should be where its censored
  11. Im pretty sure you can get a code for windows 10 editon if you've bought Java edition. https://account.mojang.com/me
  12. After unistalling the RealTek drivers my sound is back as normal! Without the USB thingy. WHY? I'll try to install RealTek Drivers once again to see if it was just a failed installation last time. EDIT: After installing the RealTek Drivers for the 2nd time, the sound still dissapeared. I guess i'll just have to not use them. :,(
  13. So ive had my headphones for a while now and i just newly installed RealTek drivers for them, since i had some problems with my mic. I havent used realtek drivers before with these headphones, i just did plug and play. Anyways, after i restarted my pc i couldnt get any sound from my headphones. Ive cheched everywhere if something was enabled or anything else disabled but icant find anything pointing towards no sound. Ive checked on google for similar things but ive so far not found anything that can/have helped me. I got the Logitech G430 without the little "USB adapter". EDIT: with the "USB adapter" i got the sound working but now i dont have the realtek drivers and all the "enhancment" thingys for my microphone, and that is what i was after. I also lost the "enhancment" tab on the headphones so there are no bass boost or anything like that. I have to use the Logitech gaming software for bass boost but i cant seem to find anything usefull for the mic. The sound also seemed to work because its basically a totaly diffrent sound output in windows, like its not the same device.
  14. 400 watt PSU comes with HP Z240 That PSU is a bit sketchy, Maybe Consider upgrading to another one. There should be a bunch of cheap deals for PSUs on the used market. You could easily get a 500w+ PSU for like 20-50$. When it comes to the GPU upgrade, I personally wouldnt do it and either wait until they are a bit cheaper OR save up some money for a used 1070 or like a vega 56/64.
  15. What kind of PSU do you currently have? whats your old gpu?