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  1. arvenyon

    Simple NAS for daily Veeam Backups

    Maybe I haven't made myself clear enough... I don't want to invest in other hardware or save money and do anything else. it's about the experience and the possibility. Just do stuff, see how it works, advantages or disadvantages, scope of application.. whatever.
  2. arvenyon

    Simple NAS for daily Veeam Backups

    Sure, there are a few well known manufacturers.. like QNAP, Synology .. the list goes on... which provide quite cheap NAS Systems. But thats the point... i dont need the whole feature-package coming with a nas station... I dont need Hyper Backup, Virtualization Station, separate Data management... thats just too much, and over the top for my scope.
  3. arvenyon

    Simple NAS for daily Veeam Backups

    Sry, wrote that wrong... 5Gbit/s sure... I am aware, that I won't get the increase that msi promises, It's all about the experience. Also it's not meant for gaming in first place. Thanks for your reply!
  4. Hey folks, I am currently planning to try out something, just out of personal interest. My mainboard, which is currently the "msi Z270 SLI PLUS", contains a feature named "M.2 Genie", which is basically nothing more, than a "one-click-RAID0" feature. With a single click in the bios, you can activate RAID0 for the two m.2 (nvme) SSDs on your mainboard, which increases the write/read speed by 70% (msi's statement!). Despite the fact that this could be a wrong information or simply wouldn't work... I just wanna try it out, since I finally have more time for myself. But with RAID0 comes great risk... normally. Therefore, I wanna make daily veeam backups on an external storage device. Searching for a good, low-price but also RAID compatible external case, I stumbled upon this one here (Link). It's an Icy Box IB-RD3621U3, made for a 2x3.5" HDD/SSD constellation and RAID0 / RAID1 compatible. I will use it in RAID1 Mode. Speed-wise it is limited by 5GBit/s by the USB 3.0 connection. As always with computer stuff, low-price devices with big promises should raise a red flag or at least some doubts. I mean... the Raid config can be changed through switching f*cking jumpers in the back of the case. But that's why I am here. Would this be enough for personal use? I am specifically asking the guys, who have dealt with those external cases or similar ones - I'm a qualified system enigneer, therefore I can "assume" stuff myself. Sorry for my broken english, greetz from Switzerland! arvenyon
  5. arvenyon

    BIOS page not found

    F12 as far as i know, is "Network Boot". Try Del or F10 instead. Otherwise check the manual. A Motherboards manual is actually the ONE manual which makes sense.