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  1. I got an atom emmc tablet I use to show my work I keep in cloud storage. Which cloud storage would be the best for long battery life (cpu and hdd usage, or even better - working or synchronizing only when I run it) and wouldn't be too taxing for my SSD on my desktop? I'm using dropbox right now, but I have my doubts about how dropbox keeps reactivating itself and its services. Some people report dropbox still working despite being uninstalled.
  2. Still the 750ti even while I'm trying to play with high settings in Overwatch and World of Tanks, it never hits above 60% usage and HWinfo confirms that the GPU never maxes out anything, I think. That worries me. But that's fine, too, I guess.
  3. It's hard to tell if it was good. I used a delta cooler blowing directly at the top of GPU in the old case. What can I do, then? I can't add any more fans to the case. Other components are fine, but I'm not sure. The OS m2 ssd is around 3 degrees above ambient, 2 HDDs are around ambient, too. CPU is always 5-10 degrees above ambient, GPU is ambient in non 3D stuff too. It ramps up quickly to 52-54 (10 degrees above old case and the rest of components), only in video games and graphics software and oddly enough on google maps website. I never play video games to see if stuff would get any hotter.
  4. GPU probably has poor airflow. I thought it was worth trying a 10$ paste over replacing a 50$ case I'm happy with, because it's a small matx case with loads of space and I did add two super strong 120 and one 1340 fans.
  5. Since I moved my gigabyte windforce 750 ti to my new computer and case, the GPU became hotter (around 10 degrees). Would replacing the gpu's thermal paste help? Would I have to buy something expensive, like thermal grizzly hydronaut or would a decent paste from a local importer suffice? Secondly, the gpu was moved from an old pcie 2.0 build. Now it utilizes faster transfer speeds (8GT/s over 5GT/s) but it never hits 100% usage (unless I open google maps in firefox) anymore. Is it normal? CPU never maxes out either, even when I'm trying to get max FPS in video games.
  6. Hi, I just got Windows 10 some days ago, How do I make it stop loading stuff from previous session at startup? It usually loads stuff like firefox, taskmanager, or various editors I use. There's nothing in any of the start-up options, it just loads the applications that were open the most last time before shutting it down and the list changes. It's really annoying and editors sometimes take a while to load. The second issue is that even if I shut it down and disconnect power win10 seems to go into some sort of hibernation that really quickly boots the system every time, how do I disable this option too? Does anyone know any remedies?
  7. Diminishing result - you can't get lower than the ambient temperature, also fans create a bit of heat themselves, I think.
  8. Sides are the best intakes as they blow directly on cpu and gpu usually and they really noticeably help Back is almost always designated outtake without any sort of filters that'd only keep the dust in, but if it's the only place you can use then I'd get a cheap 1$ filter or even make one myself and use it as an intake
  9. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32303970389.html China got you covered - 4W of finger cutting power. Molex and 3pin connectors, molex has option to chain, but I wouldn't recommend that. Runs till 7.2V without much noise, but even at 12V or 100% (no voltage or PWM modulation) it's quieter than my room fan. Stylish blue leds included. >peltier module what about refurbish of delta fans? I got like 3 of these at a local computer market for 5$ Strong enough to lift off
  10. My builds for comparison AMD https://pcpartpicker.com/list/kq8FzY Intel https://pcpartpicker.com/list/q4Q36s Oddly, the prices of 16GB RAM went so much down that buying slower RAM for Intel wouldn't save me much. But going from i3-8300 to i3-8100 would save me around 40-50$ and make the price almost exactly equal to the AMD one. I got the storage (1x m.2 and 3x3.5"), 750ti that'll be ugpraded to 1650 in few weeks, and case covered already. Tho, I'm unhappy that either of matx boards don't have wi-fi or bluetooth. I took into account stuff said in previous threads I made and the AMD motherboard and the PSU were recommended on LTT forums. Usage as in OP (graphics design, mid tier video games and compatibility checking).
  11. ? I'm not buying ryzen 9, I was considering ryzen 5 3400g It's sort of the cheapest mid tier CPU. Besides, for my compatibility part I don't want cpu without an igpu.
  12. Despite my hype and waiting ages for AMD, I'm disappointed by the early benchmarks that show that r5 3400g isn't that much of an update from Intel's 2nd gen i5 and are comparable to some older mobile i7s. Now, I'm torn between i3 8100 or r5 3400g for my mid tier games, adobe and blender and some light compatibility checking computer. Both cost almost the same, i3 might be cheaper considering not needing expensive memory and x570's crazy high prices that are 1 starred on pages of almost all stores in my area. I also feel that i3 would offer better power savings and better choice of mid-tier motherboards. I can't really figure out any r5 3400g advantages as I'll use either nvidia 1050 or 1650 (with money saved thanks to picking intel) for games and do only basic work on the igpu.
  13. Depends if it's humanities (languages, international relations, history, etc) or STEM Myself, I just got some gibs and was offered publication that never materialized. In STEM you can make a thesis that will get you money and employment (university might be cooperating with potential employees that will use the solutions that you will prepare and will pass your thesis at the same time). At art subjects you might just submit a project that you did for employee but in all cases you need to know how copyrights work in your country.
  14. Samsung tablet computers, The Surface with pen Chinese tablets (ex. Cube Mix Plus) The Apple tablet that has pen, I seen these the most during graphics design courses But don't expect to make any serious or longer artwork on any of these. Portable stuff is more of quick sketch-note device or simple concept art. I think only samsung and apple are calibrated well enough to be precise, but none are as precise as even average "traditional tablets" without screen. There are some other 2in1 that have pens but these are for pure note taking, far away from what'd you need for drawing. > or someone who doesn't want a laptop (which I know sounds stupid for some.) I'm already confused what you're trying to achieve, portable stuff is never a replacement for desktops, for serious work, and you won't get specs like 16GB of ram for any reasonable price. The tablets I listed are similar and just as portable, but have more reasonable prices and are more useful for being mobile.
  15. I will consider everything said in this thread, till tomorrow. Even NAS, if that'd help me to save on case, because I'm looking at prices and the cheapest NAS costs 1/3rd of the money I might spend on the buld. Tho, I don't know if I could run software off it.