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  1. I don't know the limitations of life but hue bridge works without internet. I just don't know if it will with Google home. I guess what I can do is connect my phone to the offline WiFi network the bridge is currently connected too, and see if I can control it with my Google home service on the phone?
  2. Hi thank you for replying, When you say it will function do you mean the Google home services or the Phillip hue? The Phillip hue will, but I don't know if the Google home needs internet to get to the hue bridge. Unfortunately I cannot put the entire network behind a pfsense box because putting the isp gateway into bypass so the wan can be forwarded disable my IPTV from working. If I put a rpi with pfsense as a bridge between my home network and my offline network (a wifi router and the bridge) could I restrict access that way without forwarding wan since that's what we're trying to block to begin with? I guess the other question is, did the Google home service do a handshake with the bridge or is it a passive command. Does the Google home need to hear back from the bridge?
  3. Thank you so much for responding. I'm sorry I didn't see it till now. And no I'm not certain I know the hue bridge will function without internet because that's how I have it set up right now. (On a local network not connected to anything other than itself and a wifi router.) I just assumed that the Google home would access it via local ip instead of a round about internet way... I never even considered that. I don't even know how to test that without first figuring out how to set it up. I'm googling now but so far nothing jumps out as fitting my situation.
  4. I would reset the pi hole to a fresh image and try over. The pi hole shouldn't be complicated. You should just set it up, go to your computer and change the DNS to the IP of the pi hole... That's it. Unless you are trying to change the DNS network wide which means you need to have a router that supports it. I went bother with having the pi hole act as adhcp or any other network function of there's no need. Also, I use my Pi's as a Kodi player to play local videos over the network. My pi hole I also use as a SQL server to sync all the Kodi Pi's viewed history. Gives it a nice pause a movie, go into the other room and pick up where you left off bonus. I hope this helps
  5. Hello all, I have an interesting problem I need help with. I recently purchased a Phillip hue bridge. While I would like my Google home hub and other devices to be able to control it locally, I do not want the bridge to have internet access. The bridge requires access to a wifi ap to be able to work. I'm open to any solution that would work. The current idea is to get a layer 3 switch and put a wifi ap and the bridge on an isolated vlan at the end of 192.168.1.xxx as I don't know if the Google home devices would be able to find it on a different subnet. I plan on setting up an ACL that would allow the main vlan to communicate to the bridge vlan but not the other way. My only real limitations is that I cannot have a non isp provided gateway/router and the isp gateway cannot be put into bypass as it would prevent my IPTV from functioning. So what does everyone think? Would this work? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you have any questions! Thanks