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  1. Ryzen 5 2600 RTX 2060 FE yes i get 50% gpu usage in csgo and get around 200fps, some high end games like BFV is fine but low end games seems to struggle and give low gpu usage therefore low fps
  2. doesnt make any sense, i have Ballistix 2x8 3000mhz DDR4 RAM and still have the same issue
  3. i fixed too much stuttering issue by setting my physx to GPU, though the low usage still occurs on occasional launches
  4. having same issue here, its around 70-80% for me in gta, some launches its stuck on 60% and gives me low fps
  5. NiiiKK.

    Low gpu usage

    its weird, sometimes when i open any game now, its fine but then next time i launch it, the gpu usage is around 30% causing low fps. i reopen the game it runs fine but it feels laggy. i just played a game called Dirty bomb and the gpu usage was stuck at 30% and caused low fps, reopened the game and usage was around 50-60% and gave me decent fps but still felt laggy.
  6. NiiiKK.

    Low gpu usage

    its already off
  7. NiiiKK.

    Low gpu usage

    i have a Ryzen 5 2600, it says around 30-40% (less than GPU). sometimes when i launch the game the GPU usage is around 80-95 and the fps is around 80 but sometimes again its 50-60% at the same scene and the fps is at 60
  8. NiiiKK.

    Low gpu usage

    i have a RTX 2060 and my GPU usages seems to be 60% and causing 60 fps on city in gta online (Very high settings)
  9. NiiiKK.

    Low fps?

    Yeah same settings, no advanced. he has Ryzen 5 1600x, i have Ryzen 5 2600
  10. NiiiKK.

    Low fps?

    i have a RTX 2060 FE and i've been playing GTA V online and im playing at 1080p very high settings, 4xmsaa. my fps seems to be 65-70, where my frnd with 1060 also gets around 55-60. is this normal for this card? poorly optimized?
  11. NiiiKK.

    Power limit warning?

    i've been monitoring alot while gaming recently and i noticed there's LIM:POWER flashing most of the time. is this safe?
  12. NiiiKK.

    High CPU Temps

    okay i removed my side pannel and started playing BFV again, this time my CPU temps never crossed 73c my GPU previously would hit 83c and throttle, with custom fancurve, GPU was 75c (on 80% fan speed) now GPU and CPU never cross 73c while GPU fan speeds are at 50%
  13. NiiiKK.

    High CPU Temps

    Mine seems to be at 43-49c on idle after i start up my pc,
  14. NiiiKK.

    High CPU Temps

    im guessing its most likely the airflow, my case is insanely hot asf. there's only 1 case fan which is in front. in case description it says its exhaust even tho i dont feel any heat coming off it. my gpu temps are also high aswell, i posted that issue on graphics card section
  15. NiiiKK.

    High CPU Temps

    i wanna make sure, is 88c really okay? i thought its abit insane considering its close to its throttle point