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  1. can a bad or dead CMOS battery cause this?
  2. wellll now its back again, it worked fine yesterday and now this morning, its back to VGA led.
  3. okay apparently the problem was the Pc standing still. i put the pc on sideways and now it works normally, im losin my brain cells
  4. aight i dont get this, i put the pc down and open it up. i removed the RAM sticks and put one and tried to turn it on. it worked. i put the second one and it worked aswell. i put the lid on and put it back to where it was and now it shows VGA led and black screen. this freaking makes no sense
  5. aight, i used a screwdriver for jumper and idk if it reset the cmos or not. i tried to tighten the wires and RAM. turned it back on, it turned on and turned off itself several times. i turned off the switch and tried again later. it turned on and off and on again and it stayed there, this time the led lights on DRAM and CPU.
  6. the battery seems pretty hard to pull out, im kinda noob at this
  7. MSI B450M Pro-VDH V2 RTX 2060 FE Ryzen 5 2600 Corsair CX 2017 450W ballastix sport lt 8x2 3000mhz
  8. No, i have my RAM a-xmp enabled tho
  9. Nope, MSI B450M Pro-VDH V2
  10. i had this issue before where i turn on the pc and everything turns on but there's no signal on monitor, no kbm or mouse. but later it fixes by itself. now i got that problem again, i turn the pc on every morning, it works fine. i turn it off in evening and try to turn on 2hrs later and it wont turn on. but it works next morning. but not it still wont work. i noticed this time that there's ez debug light on vga
  11. So it was fixed later by itself, but this issue keeps coming back, I wake up in the morning and it works fine, then I shut it off at evening and try to turn on at night but it won't work. The next morning it's fine again
  12. i rarely used it when i played that specific game then i noticed high temps and started usin msi afterburner and it kept crashin when i alt tab. but it got fixed on the next update
  13. so i thought it was the slot problem and i reseated the RAM, now the pc wont even turn on, i dont know what the heck is happening. i seriously need help