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  1. At the moment, we're having a big house extension done, which will pretty much double the floorspace of the ground floor... 3 bed house to 4 bed house: Currently my room, brother/his wife's room and mother's room upstairs kitchen, living room and dining room downstairs New layout: My room, brother/his wife's room (bed only), New tech room, (Gaming, board gaming, brothers/wife's PCs and i'm planning a server rack, 3d printer) Living room, kitchen and mum's room downstairs... So as we're mostly tearing the house apart, i'm using it to rewire the entire house... I have a new reel of cat6 cable, connectors on order. I'm planning to replace my cobbled together* network with rackmount parts. but therin lies my question... What sort of rackmount do i need? It doesn't need to be tall, i can't see me using more than say 10U height (patch panel, pfsense router, switch, 2x 2u servers, maybe an extra tray for the Fibre modem? then some spare slots) But what depth should i go for do you reckon? Planning a generic ATX PC in a server rackmount case for the first server at least, but ebay ex-corporate servers may be an option for the second... *-the network backbone is literally three daisy-chained 5-8port gigabit switches...
  2. +1 For Simone, even better if you could get her to bring Truckla™ along (custom home-made Tesla truck, made waaaay before the Cybertruck, she even sneaked it into the Cybertruck unveiling event )
  3. Budget, £500-ish maybe?, not set rewrite: two roles: -NAS -(secondary: game server, likely just one game or one game plus minecraft) (currently it'd be needed for modded minecraft and an ARK server)
  4. Would an old corporate server be a good idea? Power usage and noise are issue though. It won't be in a bedroom, but fairly low noise would be good.
  5. Currently, my setup is at this point a positively ancient Thecus N0503 NAS = maxes out at around 40mb/sec with 3x 3TB for 6TB storage (limited by it's single core 1.6ghz atom cpu i think) The WAN side is okay, a Virgin Media superhub (in modem mode because it truely sucks at being a router) My old AMD E450 APU microPC + pfsense as the router (Fun fact, i bodged a second 1GB LAN card onto the mPCIe slot it's WiFi card used, then dremeled a hole for the cabling) lan is 3x1GB daisy-chained 8port switches scattered about the house.(Used to run an Ark+minecraft game server but no longer have sufficient hardware to support it) It kinda works, but we're having a huge building extension done, and the wall 90% of the wiring is attached to is getting demolished. So a good excuse to upgrade the whole lot in one go... I'm thinking a small server cabinet containing: A patch panel A many port 1GB switch A server For the server, i'm thinking combo NAS and server via VM, xen/proxmox/vmware/give suggestions. I have an old bulldozer PC i can test setups for said server on right now
  6. Unfortunately, i couldn't find out that info. Uses o2 in the UK, but as far as i can tell theres no way of finding out what network it uses in Canada until i get there...
  7. So i was looking at the LTX map and noticed thge CPU/GPU deliding/repasting stands... My CPU is out really as it's a Ryzen... But the GPU... Worth packing my RX580 8GB for this do you reckon? (from the UK)
  8. Went with this one if usefull for others: £12 for 1GB (Theres a £17 for 3GB and greater versions too) https://smile.amazon.co.uk/Travel-Prepaid-Roaming-Data-Card/dp/B07MVQ37ZZ/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=canada+prepaid+sim&qid=1562761465&s=electronics&sr=1-2
  9. Must say thank you so much for posting this topic. It wouldn't have registered at all to me as an issue, being so used to the EU free roaming thing on holidays... Would have cost me £6/MB and led to an extremely nasty bill when i got back home Now off to investigate a temp sim for this trip...
  10. T-shirts with a light jacket in my bag then? Seeems to be something to aim for Thank you
  11. That is indeed helpfull I shall pack for everything
  12. Yay, flights booked, air bnb booked, me and two friends are travelling from the UK Though that obviously cannot be confirmed, what is the approximate climate expected for vancouver that time of year? (from the baseline UK level) Thinking of ordering a few suitably geeky items in, but a vague estimate would be handy for tshirts vs jumpers/hoodies