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  1. jvenables

    So many questions..

    As previously stated, it would be a good idea to take a screenshot of your disk management before the USB key is inserted, then insert the USB key and take another screenshot, there is a possibility that when u insert your USB key, its trying to grab a drive letter that your laptop is already using. If you take the screenshot of disk management with the USB key inserted u should be able to see it in the list, and then you can change the drive letter if thats what the issue is.
  2. jvenables

    Razer Chroma Help on Multiple Devices

    Yep. I have synapse 3 on my desktop...Just struggling to get my head around setting it all up properly
  3. Guys, Are there any good guides on setting Chroma up on Multiple devices? I have 4 devices on my desk that are all Chroma and wanted to get Chroma sync'd on all of them, for example wave to run from left to right on the devices in order of their positioning. Cant quite get my head round it Cheers John
  4. jvenables

    Guidance re Weird Memory Type Fault

    It was a stock build, so dont believe its actually been overclocked. But your comment about the DIMM's being slightly different certainly sounds true, as the memory supplied with the machine was 18months to a year before I bought the second set
  5. jvenables

    Guidance re Weird Memory Type Fault

    so my initial thoughts were clean the RAM slots with a can of air and/or an ESD Brush 1st, then download memtest86 onto a USB key, test the RAM in my existing slots on a multiple loop, if this runs clear, then shutdown and put the RAM in the other 2 slots, I am guessing i can do this....fingers crossed.and repeat the memtest process, that should then allow me with a certain level of confidence prove the slots are all good and the 2 existing DIMM's are both good. Then I will order another set of 2x8GB DD4 HyperX RAM Thanks for the reply Warelf....Also love the fact you called me JV, thats what everyone normally calls me
  6. Guys, I have a rig which is now a couple of years old, i7 6 or 7 series, MSI M7 Gaming Motherboard, it has 2 Hyper Fury 8GB Dimm's in slots 1 and 3 if memory is correct. I bought an additional 2x 8GB Hyper Fury DDR Kit which in my mind should have been plug and it just works, however, sticking the DIMM's which were detected correctly in BIOS and Win 10, I started to get lots of weird issues, pc occasionally crashing, sometimes, it wouldnt power back on..etc..etc.. I took the 2 DIMM's out and all was well again, so I got the new dimm's replaced by Amazon as faulty. Stuck the 2 new dimm's in and tried again, everything seemed okay for a day or so, then I started getting the weird issues again. I ended up just returning the DIMM's and got a refund. But I am at a point where I need more RAM as I am trying to run some virtual machines on my PC for training that I have to do for work. I am wondering if anyone could give me some thoughts on the above, possible things to test or prove. Any guidance would be very much appreciated
  7. Guys, In a world of confusing standards, i have been struggling to find a USB Battery Pack and a Desk Charger that will Fast Charge my Samsung S9+, Fast Charge my Samsung Tab S4, my Nintendo Switch and my future Laptop that will more than likely have Power Delivery. So right now my understanding is that both the Samsung devices as Fast Charge, but also support QC3.0, the Nintendo Switch is some sort of Power Delivery Version(Although not one of the recognised Standards) I have been looking at buying a new laptop that uses the Power Delivery to charge itself to save me carrying multiple chargers...etc.. Does anyone have suggestions on a Battery Pack & a Desk Charger that would help me meet all my needs? Any guidance would be appreciated John