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  1. Nice. Thanks for the input. That ASUS looks sweet and is in a good price. The ACER looks awesome, but yeah, it's just a touch too much at the high end of my budget. Thansk star_pilot475.
  2. Hey Everyone; So after a long time, I'm finally in a place where I can afford to get a new laptop. I am currently rocking a Toshiba Satellite A205-S5814 - 15.4" - Pentium T2330 with 4 GB of ram and 500 GB Samsung SSD. I want to upgrade to a new machine, but I can't really afford more than about $600 USD for it. My key point for it are: 1. Light -- Sub 3 pounds would be awesome, but realistically, I'm okay with just about any weight. 2. HD/SSD -- Either a 1 TB HD or SSD, but if it doesn't have it, I can upgrade later. 3. Brightness -- The display panel does have to be bright. Old eyes don't see dark screens that well. 4. Ram -- 8 GB minimum with the ability to upgrade. As with the HD though, if it doesn't have it out of the box, I'm okay with it. 5. Processor -- More than two cores please. 6. OS -- Windows only. 7. Connections -- USB 3.0 ports. HDMI/Display Port is not important to me. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc ... yes. In addition, a screen size of 14" or larger and a keyboard that is not like a Macbook and has some travel. I know this might be a fools errand, but a man can dream. Thanks for any help or advice in advance. Cheers. P.S. This machine is mostly going to be used for writing and internet, and possibly Minecraft.