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  1. Thank you! If the wan doeas go through their own gateway and not through mine i should be safe. But i guess i can check that by looking up my public IP when in a VPNtunnel.
  2. thank you very much! So OpenVPN is a viable option for me. Nice! Still i dont mind opening one port as long as i can use the ssl method then i guess.
  3. If you really want to build it yourself I would look for a B450 Motherboard and a ryzen 2nd gen maybe. About 16GB of RAM (DDR4 preferably) is recommended. If you want to host a minecraft server though more RAM is always better as more people can walk into different directions and load huge chunks of the world without any lagg. Should suffice for your needs as well as some other services (pihole and maybe! plex). Once you want to configure it you have to plug in an old graphics card though since the cpu doesnt have onboard graphics. As a hypervisor i can recommend proxmox (it´s free!). If that is not your style then just go ahead and install windows but preferably ubuntu server (that is free!).
  4. Hello everyone! I want to access my homeserver from the outside. Reason being that I want to be able to access all the photos on it when I´m e.g. at my grandmothers place. I also want to share my media library with my friends as well as letting them play on a gameserver I´m hosting. What process should I use? I figured I could use OpenVPN which would be pretty safe as I dont have to poke a hole into the firewall as well as that other people need a file that I create as confirmation to be able to access the homenetwork. But this would be a problem right? Once they have connected to it, it would be like they are on the same network. That would mean that all traffic they are generating (e.g. illegal traffic or just a lot of traffic in general) is seen by my ISP. I really don´t want to have that risk. So can I use OpenVPN to let them access only the services my homenetwork provides and not have them access the internet from there? So when they google something it will go through their ISP? The next option i´ve seen is OpenSSL. I really don´t know if i understand that quite right but let me try. I create a certificate which has to be installed on my server as well as the clients PCs. Only those who have this particular certificate can access the server via https. I then deactivate all http traffic and only allow https connections. Would that do the trick? Is that even possible? It would be very kind of someone can help me out here. Thanks so much in advance ~Söfgi p.s. Is a reverse proxy also a smart thing to consider as I have to poke only one whole through the firewall?
  5. Get Cat6. I got myself Cat7 only because i got a nice deal on it back then and the cable is usually thicker with Cat7. Cat6 will be more than enough for your needs.
  6. Is it correct that you want to mix the audio of the PC and the PS4 into one channel to your headphones? What do you mean by "splitting"? They are already splitted. If my first assumption is correct though it is rather simple. You can always use the RCA out of your TV/Monitor (Auxilary basically) and plug it into the line in of your motherboard/soundcard. However this almost ALWAYS certainly adds a noisefloor which once noticed is unbearable (imo). The PS4 standard and Pro model have a so called digital out port (also called SPDIF). If you have a motherboard with spdif in you can trake a toslink cable to connect the two. If not you can get a PCI-E card with spdif (Google is your friend here). You then have to set the spdif-in as a playback device in the soundmanager. Enjoy! If you have further questions just comment right here.
  7. Hello everyone, I´m currently searching for a monitor that has 140 hz and a spdif out. I want to connect the spdif with a soundcard on the back of my PC. Are there any options? Low latency and G-Sync (or free-sync, isnt that nvidia compatible too now?) would be preferred. Thanks in advance! ~ Söfgi
  8. Hello guys, I´m in search of a PCI Express card that has spdif in and out (Only in would be ok too but not preferred). My main goal is to connect my consoles audio via a toslink cable to my PC to be able to listen to the console and PC simultaneously. Also when connecting a device via digital input can I simply set it as line-in in the realtek controller or does it even pop up as a Line-Input in the windows device settings, so I dont even have to use realtek HD? Thanks in advance!