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  1. Build is in the tower now, pressing F1 doesn't bother me right now. Used two jumper cables for the power button and shaved one down a bit so it would fit in the dell connector on the board. I'm actually running completely fanless thanks to the hyper 212 evo, cpu temps at low 40s during office work / internet browsing.
  2. Thanks for the reply! I'm looking at cheap $20 rosewill case to put this in. I bought 1 fan adapter for now for the cpu fan. I do have spare male-to-female jumper cables, I suppose those might work for the power button? Thanks for the info on the POST errors too, we'll see how annoying it is.
  3. I've been searching for a few hours now on this particular board model. I'm trying to make a test bench of sorts without a case. I have a 430w PSU, 2x8GB of samsung ddr3 240pin, GTX 660, 128GB SSD, and an i3-2120. I just purchased a dell 790 SFF motherboard only, and from the research I've done it should work. I came across this post and you seem to be knowledgeable about this model and motherboard.. My plan is to short the pins to start up the machine the first time, and then have it boot on power for the future. Will this work? Also, I have seen conflicting reports about the GTX 660 which is two slots wide. Will it fit on top of this motherboard without a case or do I need a PCIE riser/adapter? Thanks for any help Edit: since it seems easy enough to put this in a standard case, I only need some help connecting the front panel of the new case to the motherboard.