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    United Kingdom


  • CPU
    i7 8700
  • Motherboard
    Asus Strix H370-F
  • RAM
    GSkill Trident Z
  • GPU
    Asus Strix 1070Ti
  • Case
    Lian Li Lancool One
  • Storage
    Samsung 970 Evo
  • PSU
    Corsair RM1000
  • Display(s)
    Acer Predator XB271HU
  • Cooling
    Asus ROG Ryuo 240
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K70 RGB
  • Mouse
    Logitech G502
  • Sound
    AKG K92 Headphones

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  1. I'd go much more often if I was closer, it's a 4 hour drive for me. They look good as long as their tasteful. I can be quite picky sometimes and a lot of cars just look ruined to me, I don't mind the front of that lexus but the rest is meh. Bosozoku just looks mental
  2. Was at USC 2016 showing off the lighting being controlled by a tablet. I love the aggressive front but not too keen on the rest. Hopefully I'll going to this year's USC too, you been to pod much? You're a lot closer than I am!
  3. @CharminUltraStrong Reminds me of this Lexus I seen at a festival a few years back.
  4. Well that's lucky! I don't think I've had anything simple to do on mine, there's always been a ceased bolt or something doesn't line up etc.
  5. TheBigZeeek

    Third party cooler for i7 8700

    Personally I wouldn't use the stock cooler, and didn't on my build. But it won't take a beefy air cooler to keep it at a good temperature.
  6. All jokes aside, good job. The simple jobs are always the ones that take all day. One of my mates had a Type-R, he accidentally downshifted to 2nd on the motorway trying to race someone and blew it up
  7. Yeah nty. Great place to visit, last place I want to live
  8. House prices are insane in the UK, I'm not having fun looking for the future and where I am the prices aren't quite that crazy. I've seen 3 bedroom houses with a drive and garage go for £150k~ just because the area they're in sucks compared to some.
  9. TheBigZeeek

    Does anyone here play MOBA games?

    HotS is easy to pick up, there's no items, no farming for gold and the whole team level together. So kind of replaces farming with XP soaking and you choose talents which augment your abilities instead of buying items. The games are generally shorter and it's much easier, imo, to just pick up and play. League requires much more of my attention and skill (not that I'm any good). Although something about it just makes me feel like League is the much better game, the mechanics are clunky and the particles are quite messy making things like team fights harder to follow. MOBA games aren't released much, it's hard to compete with games like League and Dota. Not to mention every developer out there wants to make a battle royale instead
  10. TheBigZeeek

    Does anyone here play MOBA games?

    I've never played DOTA but I've played large amounts of League and HotS, switching between the two but League generally comes out on top. I played about 2 games of Smite and decided it was weird.
  11. Well he found someone who bought a turbo kit and never actually used it so he can get the parts reasonably cheap. It'll be pretty cool when it's eventually done, it's just one those things that you say you'll do and it happens a few years later!
  12. That's crazy. It must've been great running against those cars in a hatchback! My friend wants to turbo his Miata sometime this year, hopefully it'll happen.
  13. TheBigZeeek

    Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!

    That's cleaaaaan man good job with that, I like the blue and pink theme. What keyboard is that? I've seen it a few times but don't know what it is.
  14. TheBigZeeek

    Aura Sync RGB fan without an RGB controller?

    See I thought this would work although what I've read didn't sound promising. So I tried a Corsair LL120, connected it to the RGB header and it acted like it had no idea which leds to light or what colour to be, along with making a high pitched buzzing noise so I switched it back to the normal one.
  15. TheBigZeeek

    Monster hunter world save files?

    That seems very strange, I'm not sure what else to suggest. I'd be turning on Steam Cloud if I were you though