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  1. I am planning to upgrade my CPU from a Ryzen 1600 to a Ryzen 2700X relatively soon. Here is my current part list. What I am wondering is should I upgrade my PSU? Will 650 wats be enough?
  2. So I just installed the Nvidia driver for my 1080ti from Gigabyte and as soon as it installed all the blacks on my screen went a lot closer to gray than black. Down below is the background I use for reference. Before I installed the Nvidia drivers I was using AMD drivers for my Rx 580. Any idea for what caused this or how to fix it?
  3. I am confused about the corsair icue software. I have 2 Corsair ML 120 Pro White Led fans and I can't figure out how to change the PWM for the fans inside of fans. The fans don't pop up in the software. Do I need one of Corsair's hubs to control PWM?
  4. I tried turning off Vsync and that worked perfectly! Thank you!
  5. I recently built my first PC and I don't believe that I am getting the frames I should be getting. Here is a PCPartPicker list of components. In GTA 5 I can rarely break 60 frames a second. I'm basing my idea that I should be getting higher frames from this video I found when I was trying to figure out why my framerate was so low. I have overclocked my GPU using MSI Afterburner and that didn't improve my performance in games. I have not overclocked my CPU yet but I am going to do that soon. When I play Minecraft it can't get above 60 frames and there is a lot of stuttering when moving. Does anyone have an idea why this is happening?