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  1. I actually ran several tests to see which setup or mod would lower the temperatures most. My measurements or the test weren't really that precise; I just ran OCCT about 15 minutes for each test waiting until the temperatures dropped to the point from which they started. I ran the system with all panels attached and compared to that the most effective setup was to just remove the front panel. What a shame really. I measured CPU, GPU, water and ambient temperatures and they dropped roughly 5C (+-1C) just by removing the front panel. I made a mockup side panel from cardboard and tested the system with it before I cut a 360mm opening and attached three 120mm fans to it. This setup only dropped the ambient temperature roughly 5C and other temperatures were at most 1C lower. I'm pretty sure if I had more room in the case, I could direct the fans or make a shroud for them and maybe improve the cooling slightly. (Only if I had a 3D printer) After the tests I started thinking about cutting holes in the front panel and drew some ideas I had for it. I'm not sure if I really want to cut holes in the front panel. Although if I start cutting holes in it, I might as well make a place for a fan controller. That might make sense If I can fit the controller panel there.
  2. I kinda wanna keep the front of the case the way it is. Of course it would make a lot of sense to do a mod like this. The airflow on the front is very limited. Maybe if I come up with a cool design on the front, I might consider doing that instead. The only problem I have is that I'd have to change the front fans to something quieter.
  3. I'm not completely happy with the temperatures in my H440, so I've been thinking about adding some intake fans on the back side panel. I believe that this would somewhat improve the ambient temperature in the case because I have a 420 radiator on the front intake, so all the air intake goes through a radiator. Of course the easiest solution would be to buy a new case with better airflow, but I really like this case so why not just mod it? I'm going to have to replace the NZXT logo panel at some point, which will require me to disassemble some of the system anyways, so I might do the mod while I'm in there. My plan is very simple: I'll saw a hole for two or three 120mm fans on the side panel right where the hard drive cages used to be. I removed all of them because I don't need them. I've test fitted and measured that standard sized(25mm thick) 120mm fans will fit there. Instead of screwing the fans on the side panel, I might screw them on the side of the motherboard tray, next to the cable routing holes. This will make removing the side panel and future maintenance much easier. I'll add a simple magnetic fan filter on the outside of the side panel. This should keep the dust away. The fan filter should make a tight seal against the side panel especially if there will be no screws next to the holes. And cleaning will be easy. What do you guys think, is it worth doing? I'll post pics here when and if I start modding.
  4. And I thought playing GTAV with an AMD card was bad.
  5. Welcome to the forum! Sounds like a really specific thing you are looking for. I've never heard of anything like this. It would certainly require some processing from the splitter to be able to split the two signals on a single monitor. If such a splitter existed, it would probably cost a pretty penny.
  6. Can you find any screws from the back of the motherboard?
  7. Bitfenix Neos. It's cheap and effective.
  8. Me neither, I'm laughing at your profile pic.
  9. With this particular case the PSU is installed correctly. You have a nice dust filter on the bottom and the PSU can take fresh cool air from outside the case.
  10. Okay, this just doesn't make any sense to me. Imagine this: You're holding a pencil and drawing something. Suddenly the pencil starts getting heavier and eventually it weighs a pound. Your drawing slows down, you get angry and you toss that stupid pencil across the room. It hits your wife and she dies. In conclusion: Heavy mice kill people. Don't use heavy mice.
  11. I've never understood why someone would want to weigh down their mouse. Does it actually help with aiming or something? Sounds like a heavier mouse would only make things more difficult. The only logical reason would be to get more "exercise". And that's just a dumb idea.
  12. I'm using this case with the two front fans as intakes and the rear one as exhaust. There's no dust filter on the back port and it's always a good idea to have at least one exhaust. Edit: Oh yeah, welcome to the forum!
  13. Aluminium body, slim keycaps with mechanical keyswitches, USB hub, maybe a couple of media buttons.
  14. Hey @LinusTech The audio bitrate on the WAN show sounds a bit low. Just a minor issue, but I really wouldn't want to listen to it with my headphones. :lol: