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  1. 800DPI, 1000 Polling Rate, 2.5 In-Game Sensitivity, 4:3 800x600, MSAA 8x Anisotropic 4x (so i wont shoot a random pixel thinking its an enemy), Shadows - Medium, 5/11 in windows, Acceleration OFF, Raw Input ON. I'm an rifler (i don't spray i just tap so these settings fits amazing for me) ocasionally an Awper.
  2. Dude, the PC i'm talking about i want to give it as a gift to my brother and i want to make sure that he can play some games and do some projects on it. To be more exact it's specs are Intel G4600 ASUS PRIME Z270M-PLUS 8 GB DDR4 the gpu mentioned earlier ADATA SU650 120GB SSD 1TB WD HDD 500W Corsair psu. and i want to get the best out of that GPU since, in my opinion is bottlenecking the CPU... anyways if there's no way, i'll just buy a RX480 as you mentioned, sell the r7 and that was the deal tho.. but i'm kinda low on money since i'm actually trying to buy an 8700k .. Again, isn't there any way to update this GPU without damaging it?
  3. My mobo also has 2 PCI-E x16 3.0 Slots but if i'm going to do this i really need to know the right way of doing it..
  4. Hello, i recently watched a video on YouTube and there was a guy who updated his GPU's BIOS to get more OverClock support, and that's what i also want to do, to Overclock my GPU and to run some Benchmarks . I'm worried to do it because there are risks of breaking it and i'd be messed up . Anyways, the GPU i want to update is MSI R7 250 2GB DDR3 OC Bios Version - I also saved the original BIOS file of this GPU, and i don't know which one of these versions will match up best for my GPU and won't crack it.. https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/?architecture=Uploads&manufacturer=MSI&model=R7+250&version=&interface=PCI-E&memType=GDDR3&memSize=2048&since= is there any way to update this GPU without breaking it? And let's just say i already did it and broked it, how am i supposed to reinstall it's original BIOS version if the monitor wouldn't post ? I also don't have any integrated graphics so i think if anything goes wrong i'm really f#cked up..