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  1. I would go with an 9700k or 9900K. Put a good cooler on it and OC it to 5Ghz all cores or more. Gaming wise they perform the same. Even for streaming 8 Cores should be enouph, but if you dont care the price difference and really want that hyperthreading then go for the 9900k. 9700k and 9900k still beat the AMD CPUs in pure gaming on CPU intensive games.
  2. Whats the highest Temp of your GPU during stress test/Benchmark?
  3. if you play in 1080p I would take the 2060 Super, it got more then enouph power
  4. Monitor - 27" VA Panel 144 Hz and 1 ms What is the resolution?
  5. Sounds good, I gonna try it that way. You know where I can enable sbx sound? Cant find anything named like this in the Sound Blaster Connect software Or is it the first Option in this Screenshot? "Surround"
  6. Hi, I am using a Sennheiser Game One Headset with a Sound BlasterX AE-5 https://en-us.sennheiser.com/gaming-headset-game-one https://en.creative.com/p/sound-cards/sound-blasterx-ae-5 I am not sure how i should configure it. In Windows should I set it to Stereo or 5.1 Surround? And what about the configuration menue inside the Sound Blaster Connect software? Should I use the 7.1 Headphones or the Direkt HP option? Cause the Game One only got Stereo.... Or maybe select 5.1 in Windows and Stereo inside the software? I am looking for the best setup to play mainly First-Person Shooters so localization is really important. Maybe someone has a clue? Thx in advance!