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  1. OK, Mark posted another video (cited earlier in the post, thanks ) about the fact that it's being dealt with by google. A google/youtube big-wig for content called Mark herself and confirmed that this should never have happened and is in inter-business communications to try and prevent future issues, as this is THAT big an event ;). But having said that, this shouldn't have happened in the first place, and a TON of people lost important work and time because of it. I wonder what kind of steps altoegher they are doing, hopefully somehow they are able to bring all that content (e-mails, google docs, etc.) back to the people affected by this... but they have lost major internet-points here as the Mod said (paraphrasing). A link to Mark's Update video:
  2. Good catch, wow did I bumble over that one. And not tech news? I'd say it is, when a "Tech giant" like google/youtube is banning people's account en-mass like this over nothing, and seemingly doing nothing to nothing much about it at least in my view. As this is yet again a tech giant screwing up in a fairly major way. What, I mean if this isn't tech news then I guess Huawei's missteps in the industry wasn't tech news and thus shouldn't have been covered by LTT when that happened? Or the whole thing that happened and is happening with Korea vs Activision/Blizzard? Anyways Something to look out for indeed.
  3. Google/Youtube has banned legions of accounts that were involved in a recent live-stream of Markiplier's just for apparently spamming emojis. Markiplier was using this method with his fans as a way of voting for which choice they should make on a live-stream of his "A Heist With Markiplier" youtube original movie. Markiplier has reached out to youtube, along with his mods to try and rectify this and as of this upload ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWaz7ofl5wQ ) Youtube has still not answered his emails (after 2 days of this, as of that upload). This wasn't just a few fans either, this was TONS of people, people who barely even made like 4 responses to the live-stream all together! This is a scary thing. If you have anything going on (and this is an attempt to get this out to LTT staff as well to help keep this from happening to LTT and their fans as well). TL;DR: Don't use emojis right now with anything to do with google or youtube (Especially Live-Streams), you could potentially have your entire google account (not just youtube) suspended! (banned) Again the link to the video on youtube addressing this: -Editorial Note: Mark's posted an update video detailing that Google/Youtube is working on fixing this in various ways.
  4. bump, because I've gotten the same issue and so far nothing has worked, any help appreciated: Gone through these steps here with no change. I uninstalled the entire trial and reinstalled it, which got me past the splash screen (where I would crash before), but now after the "loading circle" in the blank/black window (the forza 7 loading screen) it circles for a moment loading up and then crashes to desktop. The strange thing here though is that mine has the same path in the error despite installing it to drive D in my system (my 500Gig storage NVMe) Same error, but: i9-9900k (using ROG AI to get 5Ghz out of it) Rog Maximus Hero XI 16GB Trident Royal Z RGB 250GB M.2 NVMe boot, with 500 variant for storage in addition to SATA III SSD carry over from old system for files and games All Mushkin Asus Dual 011C 2080 ti Windows 10 Home 64bit Build 1809
  5. Well, I said that due to listening to reviews and other such stuff that seemed to indicate that if you loaded the GPU more, especially with higher resolution, then it would not hit the cpu the same. As even Linus himself said something to this effect in recent videos. (if I recall correctly, the rtx video(s) seem to say this, I'll have to look back at this in a bit and see where this was but yea... um, if that's misinformed then yea... either way now I'm confused even more so heh. But in either case it seems to be best to spend money on upgrading the motherboard and cpu for now and look at my video card choices after this?> late edit: I went ahead and actually decided to build an all-new pc based off of the i9 9900k, Maximus xi hero (wi-fi due to being cheaper than the non-wi-fi) and m.2 PCIe storage. I'll put off getting the graphics card till later, this way I can have a great base to work off of later when I do start to decide which 2080ti I get.
  6. Looking at both and small differences in specs aren't something I'm considering, I'm just wondering which would be the better option considering stuff like DOA, death before 30 days, return issues, stuff like that? I'm also wondering whether or not the 2080ti can run on my i5 3570k with little to no bottlenecking if I turn up the scaling factor so that it's rendering around 1440p or even 4k before coming back down to 1080p for final output along side other ultra options, and still obtain around 144 fps (or at least above 60fps)?
  7. Can confirm on Chrome and Windows 10 it's back up and working as it should minus the chat scroll. But minor sacrifice I guess.
  8. Only getting Black screen on edge windows 10 latest updates, onboard video (*puke* i know)... let me make sure I'm logged out Got it working with edge, but it's 240p ONLY.
  9. Ok, now I'm also curious, what would be a good one to go with that wouldn't bottleneck and cause studdering and hitching if I get one just for now? I'm also curious as to whether the 1080 and 2080 are the same thing minus RTX as far as gaming is concerned? The reviews seem to confuse this for me.
  10. I myself am looking at a broader gaming thing, such as Battlefield 3 and 4, modern warfare 1 and 2 single player, sims 4, Guild Wars 2, NWN online, etc.
  11. of course. The thing I'm worried about is if I'll be hurting my CPU with overuse via 90%+ usage during gaming sessions and/or suffering from fps issues (such as stuttering or dropping, etc.)
  12. How bad would my fps and gameplay suffer (bottleneck) on this system with those two?
  13. Honestly don't know yet. Probably a current gen i7 ir i9 depending, or heck I might break my fanboy ways and ... go amd *shutters* (lol j/k bout that affiliation) and a good video card that can take 1080p 144hz or higher fps all the way up to 4k if I go with a new monitor too. Not to mention getting everything else current gen. (mobo, ram, et cetera) I just want to be able to continue gaming and, if I can for an ok price, get even better performance out of my current pc.
  14. (Ok, I know, I know. Best to update the other components first then buy a brand new high-end video card when we are talking about components from or before 2012.) Yes folks this one's gonna require hopping in the old' way back machine, as my 780ti finally kicked the bucket (mini-red lines and wouldn't load new or old drivers, then it wouldn't even boot past the mobo splash screen on troubleshooting) 1080p 144hz non-g/free sync monitor - Build: i5 3570k at stock speed CORSAIR Hydro Series H60 (CWCH60) GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UD5H LGA 1155 Intel Z77 G.SKILL Sniper Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2133 Thermaltake Armor Revo VO200M1W2N Black SECC ATX Full Tower Computer Case I need to replace my 780ti and just wonder what would be the best video card I could upgrade to without getting that dreaded monster THE BOTTLENECK (Yea, I saw the video and get that it'll get bk'ed either way but what would be the best balance for this current build? Or should I keep in mind that in the future about 4 to 6 months( or at most a year) or so hopefully I'll be going with a new system altogether and just get the best I can get and if so what would that be without going $1k+? I mean I'm on the onboard v-out now *shutters* Thanks for any help. OutsideOctaves