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  1. I tried updating the BIOS with gigabytes app center with no luck. Although I had some issues installing app center so I'm not sure if it updated at all or to a newer version.
  2. What happens if you don't hit the reset button? The screens say No connection but the pc stays on. Does it load Windows?? After turning off the 4k monitor or hit the reset button, yes. How are they connected?? 4k via DP, Samsung via dvi, 4:3 via vga - hdmi adapter. Do you use the Internal Graphics?? No. Do you only use the ext. GPU?? Assuming ext stands for external, the 1070 Ti is plugged in directly to the motherboard. Where did you get that DP Cable from? Found it in a box. Have you tried a good quality DP Cable?? (You need a very high quality cable for 4k. I myself already have issues with DP and 1440p Screen)... I can't find any specifications about the cable as I don't know where it was bought or where the original packaging is and when I googled the product id or whatever it is (089G 187BAA500) I couldn't find anything useful.
  3. I turned off the computer before going to sleep and today when i woke up and started it, same problem.
  4. I have now tried that and it works perfectly! Thanks!
  5. I tried it and the computer booted normally.
  6. Thanks for the tip! I'm kinda new to all of this computer building so I don't really know what everything is yet but yea I'll do that if the problem gets more serious. Thanks again.
  7. Disclaimer: This post isn't really about Programs, Apps and Websites but I couldn't find any fitting topic. So anyways, I have a very old custom built computer with a 750 Ti and an Intel® Core™ i5-750 and about 6 moths ago I upgraded from a hard drive to a ssd and it was at that point all hell broke lose. It started off with some dll files not getting installed when installing games so I had to install them seperately and a LOT of issues with Discord. At first I thought it had something to do with having an operating system on the new ssd and on the old hard drive so some files gets installed on the hard drive instead of the ssd, so I tried wiping the hard drive but when I booted the pc I still had the option to boot on the hard drive. So then I booted the computer on the hard drive and from there I tried the "wipe the computer but keep my files" option when wiping a computer (bad idea) and after that, I tried booting on my ssd only to find that some of my games and programs had been deleted as well as the standard Microsoft programs like Groove Music and VLC. (A part of Discord got deleted too which actually fixed it somehow.) But no big deal I thought, i'll just open up the Microsoft Store and download them again. Microsoft store was also deleted and when downloaded from the Microsoft website it wouldn't start so I had to download some shitty mp3 player called VirtualDJ 2018. So after that I thought, ok, i'll just unplug the damn hard drive. Turns out the bios was installed on the hard drive. I tried to move the bios to the ssd and then unplug the hard drive, and it booted. With the same problems. So I plugged the hard drive in and Windows was not happy about me unplugging the hard drive so it did some weird reserved partition only for Windows stuff but the driver letter was still D so everything that I had set do install on the D drive got installed on that small partition which filled up in a day so I had to do some more fixing and removed the weird partition and the issue dissapeared. Then came the october update and most problems actually went away. The microsoft store was back and I could install VLC and Groove Music, but then I had to install the microsoft Media Feature Pack but it just says Searching for updates on this computer so something is still wrong. TLDR: Having some issues after upgrading from hard drive to ssd and the computer is behaving overall weirdly.
  8. No, I didn't uninstall any drivers. I will try it when I have the chance as i'm away rn. Thanks for tips!
  9. I haven't had any unexpected issues with the computer and I haven't tried to only have the 4k monitor plugged in when starting the computer. I will try it when I have the chance as i'm away rn. Thanks for tips!
  10. NOT SOLVED So, ever since I upgraded my pc from integrated graphics (Ryzen 5 2400g) to a 1070 Ti, I have been having this issue where when I start the pc it displays the gigabyte logo and then the screen goes black and from there i hit the quick restart button on the computer case and then it boots normally. I have also found that when I hit the start button on the pc I can quickly turn off my 4k monitor and then wait for it to boot (on my other 2 screens (one 1080p or 1440p, an old 4:3 and the 4k monitor)) and then turn on my 4k monitor. I have tried to update my drivers with no luck and when I googled the issue I couldn't find anything helpfull so I thought I'd try posting something here. And also, all screens are plugged in to the graphics card. PS: This is my first time posting here. Specs: 4k monitor is from a company called swedx (plugged in via DisplayPort) Samsung SyncMaster 2343 Random dell 4:3 screen Cerbrus 1070 Ti Ryzen 2400g Kingston SA1000 256 GB ssd Seagate or WD 3TB hard drive