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  1. thelongcheng

    2080 ti temps

    Yeah my ambient was pretty high. We had our heater on at 70 when I did this. But I opened a window to let some cold air in.
  2. thelongcheng

    2080 ti temps

    I just reapplied thermal paste the other day. I'm using the grizzly thermal paste. I'm getting 55 celcius with my front panel and side panel off. I think it's my case that's restricting airflow. My top panel only has one section for air vent and my front has none. I'm using the dark base 700. Which case are you using?
  3. thelongcheng

    2080 ti temps

    Okay but with the support of my loop it sits the same as it would with or without the figurine on it. But a $10 support bracket is better then a broken $1300 GPU.
  4. thelongcheng

    2080 ti temps

    Okay I will have to fiddle around with my fans to see which is best and probably throw my 140mm fan on the back for extra exhaust. But I dont have a support for the card. Should I?
  5. thelongcheng

    2080 ti temps

    Which one do I do intake? since you said top and front should be exhaust those are the only fans I have. 3 on top and 3 in front. I have the be quite silent wings 3 for fans. Should I swap then out? The figurine is made from ceramic plus I put some thermal pads under it to help as well.
  6. thelongcheng

    2080 ti temps

    Yeah its sitting on the GPU. Still waiting on my cable mods to come in but besides that its basically done. Now I just gotta figure out this temp.
  7. thelongcheng

    2080 ti temps

    I opened up the front and side panel and got a constant 55 Celsius. So it's most likely due to airflow. How should I orient my fans to optimize airflow. I have the dark base 700 case
  8. thelongcheng

    2080 ti temps

    I'm just using the i7 9700k. Nothing is overclocked. I'm still pretty new so dont want to mess with OC yet.
  9. thelongcheng

    2080 ti temps

    Yeah. So I'm not sure why I'm getting these temps. I've just took apart the waterblock and reapplied the thermal paste and made sure everything was nice and seated. My flow goes from pump to GPU to radiator to CPU to radiator to pump. I have my top radiator fan blowing, my front radiator I have pulling. I dont know if type of coolant matters but I'm using the primochill vue.
  10. thelongcheng

    2080 ti temps

    Hello so I just started watercooling and I feel like my temps are to high. I have the 2080 ti water cooled at temps while playing at 4k ultra settings averaging 85 celcius. I dont know if that is normal temps to be getting while watercooling. Any advise or tips? I have 2 360 radiator going to cool.
  11. thelongcheng

    Phanteks halos rgb fan frame

    Hello, I recently just purchased the halos rgb fan frame and I am having an issue with the lighting. Whenever I turn my RGB off the halos will still have dim yellow light around it. When I turn my computer off completely they will turn off.
  12. I'm thinking about adding water cooling to my EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 FTW GAMING ACX 3.0, but i cant seem to find anything out there. I've checked out the one from EK, but those are discontinued. Anyone out there have direction to point me in? I'm trying to do a custom loop for my CPU and GPU SLI.