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    Student wanna be streamer or graphic designer

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  1. Sk!pper

    Need suggestions

    I'm afraid that like what if charger is missing or something like that
  2. Sk!pper

    Need suggestions

    I have 2 laptop from my list is on sale zephyrus S and scar II so thats why
  3. So i was thinking to buy a Asus ROG Zephyrus S from new egg and the pretty awesome deal said that it was an open box does anyone have any idea that how good or bad are open box products? Edit : Zephyrus S
  4. Sk!pper


    Well then fuck me
  5. Sk!pper


    Can you get prime day deals even if there is no amazon prime in your country?
  6. Sk!pper

    Will RTX super laptops be out soon or no

    i want the super because of the 8gb compared to normal 2060 other wise i can go with a 1070
  7. I'm have been thinking to buy a laptop for me but after the RTX super release i feel like i should wait for 2060 super laptops. But i have no idea if they'll be out soon or not and i'm not sure that they'll be worth it or not any suggestions??
  8. Sk!pper

    Making a $300 Pixel Clone

    So...... does this work for a long term? I am thinking to buy this and follow the steps from the vid.
  9. I am going to build my first PC and i'm not around from NA so i'll have to order my GPU and parts from amazon i'm trying to cut the price as much as i can and i have never used amazon before so i'm not sure that whether if i can buy GPUs from amazon warehouse they'll perform as it should. Plus on the other hand returning the goods for me might me little problematic so i'm not sure. Please do help me out. Thanks!