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  1. If you are an enthusiast gamer get a 3600X based system with a 2070 Super, 6 core 12 thread will probably last longer and is much better value and likewise for a 2070 Super. If you are a competitive gamer who wants optimal 1080 FPS look at the spec in my sig, the 1080ti is still a great gpu for the games you listed (if you're comfortable buying second hand). You won't need an RM1000X PSU, RM650X or equivalent will be fine. I am also swapping over the M.2 storage. i've been slowly building my PC up over the last few years, upgrade path over the last few years: Started with 8600K, 1060 3GB...etc 1TB SATA SSD 8700K and 1080ti 4133 16gb ddr4 kit Z390 Aorus Master 4400 16gb ddr4 kit 9900KF 2TB m.2 main drive and 256gb boot drive The beauty of AM4 is there's a fantastic upgrade path. Buy what you can afford now (don't get yourself in a shit ton of debt) and work your way up would be my advice.
  2. I'll test to see if it's a good cpu first though
  3. Hi, I was hoping someone could tell me what tools I need to sleeve cables/changing connectors, I want to start by sleeving the naked cables on my d5 pumps and I also want to change the molex power connector to a sata type? Later I want to try my hand at putting different coloured connectors and combs on my RM1000X and a set of custom length power cables for an ITX system after this.
  4. I've got a d5 pump, 2x 360mm radiators and a xspc raystorm block ready to fit. Im also waiting on RDNA2 release, hopefully at CES in Jan, before I upgrade or buy a waterblock for my current 1080ti.
  5. It's more really just for hobby/project purposes, I was just wondering how much difference the paste (liquid metal vs traditional) makes in direct die with a der8auer OC-Frame
  6. Yep, I was just going to heat it up with my soldering iron in my delidding tool
  7. Hi, My 9900KF should be here tomorrow and I was wondering with direct die cooling, how much difference will using Conductonaut vs Kryonaut make (or similar)? I was going to use either nail varnish or liquid electrical tape to cover up the vulnerable areas on the top of the cpu and use Conductonaut
  8. awesome, thanks for taking the time to explain!
  9. Yeah I wasn't sure about the key cap sizes, I was thinking about a complete set and changing the main ones WASD...etc
  10. I want to get a few bright/neon orange custom keys but im not sure which ones I need to buy for my keyboard: https://www.amazon.co.uk/DREVO-Excalibur-Mechanical-Keyboard-Specially/dp/B01MRWXDHC/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_147_t_0?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=8HVB6TVGPMFY3FDBKH9J&th=1 (I'm a complete noob to this, sorry if this is a dumb question)
  11. Thanks guys for taking the time to post all this information!
  12. Scratch that I have litterally just found the guide online, EK mentions 0.5mm and 1mm pads: https://www.ekwb.com/shop/EK-IM/EK-IM-3831109831915.pdf
  13. A friend of mine has a 1080ti waterblock (EK fc1080 gtx ti) for sale but no thermal pads, does anyone know what thickness I need to buy in order to replace them please?
  14. Sounds good, i've got an S9 so that should be okay? Are there any good tutorials for Blender that you could recommend?
  15. Hi all, I'm thinking about setting up a youtube channel to record my next build as I want to learn how to produce media to help support a business idea I have (unrelated to PC hardware), I was hoping someone could give me a list of things i'll need to get in order to get a good level or production on a limited budget. To set the record straight... I'm a complete newbie to video production so i'm hoping you can help me with a list of essentials: Video camera Tripod Editing software (any recommendations?) Microphone (I already have a blue yeti, will that be good enough?) Lighting (no idea) + anything else i've missed I have a budget of $800 and I would ideally like to spend less (i've got no problems buying second hand) Also if there are any good guides or content creators that focus on this kind of thing, i'd really appreciate it if you could point me in their direction, im trying to learn as much as possible?