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    Kitsan got a reaction from TVwazhere in Airflow cases with solid side panels?   
    I like the P600S for sure
    Pro 2 is a bit too massive
    I think this might be the winner! Only drawback is that it's the most expensive (not by too much though)
    I still like the Silent Base 601/801 especially as i've realised that I can remove the front centre panel easily...
    Thanks for the suggestions!
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    Kitsan reacted to GhostRoadieBL in Airflow cases with solid side panels?   
    The BeQuiet Pure Base series are also great
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    Kitsan reacted to TVwazhere in Airflow cases with solid side panels?   
    Coolermaster NR600P

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    Kitsan reacted to lee32uk in Airflow cases with solid side panels?   
    Phanteks P600S
    Phanteks Enthoo Pro 2
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    Kitsan got a reaction from turgsh01 in B550 and Ryzen 1st Gen   
    I want to transition from my 9900K rig to a Zen 3 ITX PC, can I use a Ryzen 1700 as a stop gap before I can buy a 4800X/4900X in September?
    I know officially it's not supported but i've read that some people have got it working, specifically it's on an ROG Strix B550-I
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    Kitsan got a reaction from turgsh01 in B550 and Ryzen 1st Gen   
    I've recieved some DMs and spoken to some enthusiasts who've tested it and 1st gen works on their boards
    Just as an FYI in my original question I stated "I know officially it's not supported" I was trying to find people who have tested it or have read articles confirming one way or the other.
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    Kitsan reacted to ewitte in AW3418DW still worth buying? + general ultrawide advice   
    Just got the AOC CU34G2X.  Yes you can set it to 144hz but if you check out the reviews the actual amount of time it takes to refresh a pixel is closer to 120hz.  Your chances of "smearing" increase after that.  Its not bad though I like it.
    VA - I've had IPS for most of my monitors I'm fine with VA but i HATE TN panels.
    No real need over 120-144hz IMO.
    I'm surprised at how well/fast I adapted from Dual 27 inch IPS screens. Its pretty comparable especially if you can get used to the snap feature.  Two 1720x1440 windows is fine for a browser.  Also if I screenconnect to a machine with dual monitors it is usable that was never the case on the dual 27 inch monitors.
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    Kitsan reacted to Stahlmann in AW3418DW still worth buying? + general ultrawide advice   
    For productivity there are definetly upsides. I noticed this a lot when working on my skirim install with 700+ currently installed mods. Multitasking is definetly easier on 21:9. Forgot to mention that.
    Always happy to help!  
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    Kitsan got a reaction from Stahlmann in AW3418DW still worth buying? + general ultrawide advice   
    Thanks for the really informative reply!
    I guess the main reason for me moving to ultra-wide is that i'm going back to uni to study an MBA and an ultrawide will take up less space than my 32" IPS 4K 60hz and 25" TN 1080p 240hz while still being able to support two or three windows to run different programs/compare documents and webpages and play games/esports titles in my down time
    I'm a little nervous about making the transition because I fully appreciate your points about going back to 16:9 and it's the reason why I never adopted it... however I feel like the productivity element of it for what i'll be using it for is very useful.
    Really appreciate your throughts though 👍
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    Kitsan reacted to Stahlmann in AW3418DW still worth buying? + general ultrawide advice   
    I personally loved my AOC AG352UCG6, a 120Hz 34" VA ultrawide. There is no big difference between 120Hz and 144Hz. Most people, including me, won't notice the difference. VA has much better blacks than IPS monitors and thus often have better contrast and image quality. IPS is more responsive and has better color performance as VA on the other hand. But i could keep on rambling about different display techs for ages.
    Basically out of these 2 monitors the Alienware is the better choice imo.
    This specific AOC model has several reports on issues when using it with G-Sync.
    Now to ultrawide in general: I personally went back to 16:9 because ultrawide is still a lot of hassle. First off you need a very strong GPU for 3440x1440 because it's almost as demanding as 4K. Many games natively don't support 21:9 or do a very bad job at it. For games like Witcher 3, Assasins Creed Odyssey and Terraria you need to dig into the .exe and make changes to it so you have proper ultrawide support ingame. Some games like Skyrim are fixable with mods. And with other games like RDR2 you can't do anything about a bad 21:9 implementation without the risk of getting banned for tempering with the games files. Some very old games won't even launch when running a 21:9 resolution in Windows. Basically there is a lot of tinkering involved. I found myself often researching a game's ultrawide support before making my buying decision, and in the end this is the reason i went back to 16:9. It's just more convenient.
    Yes, if you have games that properly support 21:9 it's an awesome experience, but sadly still many games, even new ones, still don't have a good implementation. This is partly because there are no 21:9 TVs and a lot of games are designed with consoles in mind.
    I'll receive my Samsung Odyssey G7 32" today and i'm happy about not having to worry about monitor support again when buying new games or tinkering around to not have black bars at the sides or extremely cramped fov.
    If you have any more questions about ultrawide, feel free to ask.
    I've used my ultrawide for a little over 2 years now and i can share a lot more about my experience with it.
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    Kitsan reacted to VeganJoy in 9900K VCORE   
    its a recent one, r0 stepping and almost certainly after they started binning for the ks. good news is that 5ghz@1.29v was free and it can almost certainly go lower if i wanted to fuck around with it, bad news is that takes me up to 100C in p95 lmao (80C in benchmarks and games which is passable i guess, would rather not deal with that though lol)
    e: whoops nevermind, i was gonna run p95 to share my actual voltages with op buuuuuut i am rewarded with a bsod from overheating lmao, no 5ghz for me
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    Kitsan reacted to VeganJoy in 9900K VCORE   
    sure p95 is likely to be more intensive than any other workload you'll ever use but it's nice to know that your system can handle anything that'll get thrown its way. my on the spot, shitty analogy would be that car manufacturers dont base their cars' safety on how well it holds up under normal conditions, they crash it and do silly shit to it
    from my experience with my maximus xi hero it wont give your cpu more voltage than it needs, especially in p95. if im running my 9700k at 5ghz and i give it 1.35v it'll only use 1.3v in non avx, 1.2 in avx as i have an offset. dunno much more than that. also, what do you mean by "debaurs manual 5ghz 24/7 preset
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    Kitsan reacted to svmlegacy in 9900K VCORE   
    Prime95 is an excellent stress test to tell if things are unstable.
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    Kitsan reacted to Nena Trinity in B550 and Ryzen 1st Gen   
    I think if someone can verify X model works then go for it but do not update to latest BIOS when 4th Gen comes, also it seems people say ASUS and MSI boards mostly seems to work and on ASRock it apparently works sorta, you can never save BIOS settings... OwO 
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    Kitsan reacted to SavageNeo in B550 and Ryzen 1st Gen   
    probably because 9900k need more cooling than any small itx case can support.
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    Kitsan reacted to spectre_laser97 in B550 and Ryzen 1st Gen   
    Unless you have any specific reason to get B550(PCIe Gen 4, more PCIe overall), it is better to get a B450 that guarentees Zen 3 support. Though, there is ROG Strix X570-E that support gen 1.
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    Kitsan reacted to Woxolifo in Streaming - codecs encoding cpu/gpu/capture card   
    capture cards allow you to plug like a ps4 or switch or anything really into it then it will let you record/stream that using your PC. if you are streaming only PC games you do not need one.
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    Kitsan reacted to WereCatf in Streaming - codecs encoding cpu/gpu/capture card   
    No, unless you have a very specific need that can't be achieved with a single-PC solution.
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    Kitsan reacted to Applefreak in Recommendations for slim 120mm radiator fans?   
    I agree, I have one running in a HTPC case on a 120mm radiator, pretty decent and quiet even at full speed.
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    Kitsan reacted to Daniel Z. in Recommendations for slim 120mm radiator fans?   
    Noctua NF-A12x15 PWM
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    Kitsan reacted to TVwazhere in enthoo evolv TG vs view 71   
    Computer parts have a relatively high temperature tolerance more so than they used to yes, but hotter components will still die sooner than cooler ones (barring any other adverse damage or factors relating to why CPU's and GPU's die) I'm not saying everyone should be aiming for below 70ºC at all times as I personally do because they can easily operate at 85ºC. 
    People put them in corners all the time, hell people put them under desks, behind things and in shelves to try and hide them. Half the time case threads here start off with"I want a minimalist case that wont stand out" but they still want a "Nice system". Nice system to them is hardware based; it performs nice (4k 60hz couch PC for a living room for example) This might be what you look at in order, but it's
    Now I'm not an Airflow Nazi. I dont shun anyone who doesnt pick a Silverstone RL06 or Meshify C because Gamers Nexus showed them being the coolest performing cases. To me aesthetics ARE important! They're the whole reason I got into cases as a passion and enthusiast.
    I love the look of the Enthoo Evolv as do many. It probably in many peoples opinion is the best looking case of 2015. 
    I love the color options on the S340's, H700i and Fractal's budget Focus cases.
    I love the universal layout of Phanteks's lineup (P400, Enthoo Pro M, Evolv all have nearly identical interiors)
    I love the look (and proper function) of Corsair's 460x that shows off front fans
    I love PSU shrouds that have cutouts to show off PSU brands.
    Tempered Glass is so beautiful and I'm glad case manufactures are re-releasing cases with them,
    In-versed motherboard trays like the Corsair 600C, Riotoro CR 1088 (one of the smallest ATX cases available) and the Dark base 700/900 that have the option to flip the tray.
    Rubber grommets; Rubber grommets everywhere.
    Fractal Design's Balance of both silence and cooling in their Define Series while keeping a minimalist brushed aluminum front panel finish.
    Cases like the Master Case 5T have vertical GPU arms to reduce sag.
    The Cooler master H500P/H500M which return the 200mm fans in the front look so amazing! (They're fixing the airflow and quality issues of the first run)
    The Dan A4/C4, Ncase M1 and Loque ghost mITX cases that are SUPER small and compact yet can hold the highest end hardware and a 240mm AIO. 
    The Tower 900 that is absolutely massive and overkill in every way and can support almost literally anything 
    Lain Li's PC-O5 through O7 that can be wall mounted and shown off!
    In Win's 805 Infinity with the Infinity pool front panel
    Horizontal layouts like the Thermaltake Core X5 and my adorable Corsair 380T (Love this case!)
    I could probably sit here and list features off like this for a while. Cases are unique and should be a reflection of one's own personal tastes and aesthetics. But as someone who people turn to for advice on cases, I try to offer suggestions that at least keep practicality in mind. The In Win 805 Infinity for example has the exact same issue as the Evolv, but even worse! An S340 or P400 is definitely not what I recommend to (as an example) a first time builder whos got loads of cash and wants to build an overkill 8700k and dual 1080ti's. And I'm certainly not going to recommend a case that costs more than the CPU (Would never recommend a G4600 or an R2200G with a H700i)
    Sorry OP, we kinda hijacked the thread a bit  
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    Kitsan reacted to Jurrunio in Noctua NF-A14 iPPC-3000   
    140mm maybe, not 120mm
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    Kitsan reacted to MaratM in Noctua NF-A14 iPPC-3000   
    Noctua 3000rpm  is an indusrtial fan, i’ve just built a hackintosh for my brother. One of the fans i had lying around was a nf-f12 3000rpm, so i used it as an exhaust fan. Set it up in bios an flat minimum rpm. Every time he gets an imessage while pc is in sleep mode it starts up the fan at max rpm. It sound like a vacuum cleaner for a few seconds.
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    Kitsan reacted to WoodenMarker in Noctua NF-A14 iPPC-3000   
    No, the noise may be similar but not the same. They have different motors and iPPC's tend to be not as quiet especially at lower rpm due to pwm clicking.
    The clicking seems to be less of an issue when running the 24v models with 12v. https://www.silentpcreview.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=69623
    Not my video and it doesn't show off the issue well but it's just to show that it's not an common complaint about iPPC's being noisier. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSH3uZcPsNc&feature=youtu.be
    I just tested it myself with 2000rpm iPPC's and normal NF-F12's and the iPPC exhibits worse clicking / rumble.
    I wouldn't recommend 3000rpm fans if you care about noise. At the very least, go for the 2000rpm model or the normal NF-A14. 
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    Kitsan reacted to Mick Naughty in Noctua NF-A14 iPPC-3000   
    Could just get the 2k versions. Or a regular version if they offer it in black now. 
    going above 1500 isn’t gonna do much for you.