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    cars,tech,music and anime
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    sound recorder and student


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    Intel i5-3470
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    14GB DDR3
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    HP stock
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    Acer g215hv and dell e151epp
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    Havit Magic Eagle HV-KB558CM
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    Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500
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    sennheiser hd 206, apple earbuds, sony mdr ex14 black and Macally Icetune white
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    lenovo chromebook 11e 3rd gen and acer aspire e5-15

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  1. you could try a A/V switch with adaptors https://www.amazon.com/Panlong-Switcher-Composite-Selector-Consoles/dp/B00KXVBB3Q or this https://www.amazon.com/Fosmon-A1602-Splitter-Connecting-Devices/dp/B00HNCPR92
  2. I have a random question what is your favorite Anime op or Ed mine is over and over just because op
  3. Yeah the ram is 4mb also I don’t know what is on those hard drives because it’s my friend’s sorry quality’s bad this was taken on my blackberry 9810
  4. Some old ram found at a friend's house the hard drives too the WD has 1gb the barracuda has 40gb the ram 1mb
  5. I know that Seagate that gave him the drives i just thought wow that's expensive. but yeah seagate that's not a lot.
  6. wait each exos drive is 400 bucks also each ssd is 1000 dollars
  7. ok wow one petabyte not enough go triple
  8. I will say I wish I could have that corsair ram for my server I have 4gb of that exact ram and freenas requires 8gb of ram =( but still nice computer also what is that 3d printer