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  1. Oh I see yh thats a bit of a problem since most of the ones I have looked up are similar or outright the same
  2. Fair enough yh I heard about GreenCell many people complain about it not working after a few months but I will definitely look into the T480 or another 9-cell thanks!
  3. Hey all I have a bit of a problem concerning my laptop. Next year I wish to go to University and take my 1 year old T430 with me since I have legit fallen in love with this machine, I have taken it apart so easily just for fun and plan to upgrade it in the future. I am thinking of doing a Computer Science degree and this laptop would be perfect, however there are 2 major downsides. One is that the campus to the Uni is rather large so there will be a lot of walking and the T430 weighs nearly 3kg which can be tiresome and annoying, however I would not mind the weight if it wasn't for the battery of this machine. You see currently I am getting 2 hours max with all setting in power saving mode. This thing takes enough space as it is and weighs a lot too so having to carry a charger for it at Uni is a immediate no for me. My question is what is the best type of battery for this laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad T430 - i5 3320M - 8gb ram - 256gb ssd) that will help me get through the day once I hopefully get to University. I am looking for at least 4-5 hours of battery life since I believe that is all I would need. If anyone can send me links or help me find one that would be perfect and I would be very grateful. Also if anyone can help me in terms of any problems buying a new aftermarket battery such as a "whitelist" the laptop has which I am unfamiliar with? Many Thanks in advance.
  4. That's annoying and I hope they don't do it anymore, anyways it's a shame as I do really like this legend of a laptop but unfortunately I might have to sell it, I do appreciate the info you've given me, many thanks!
  5. Yh fair enough but how come Lenovo puts whitelist? Surely it should give its customers the freedom to do whatever they want with the product they paid for.
  6. Aha got it and I presume that you need to flash the BIOS to get rid of it? But do you have any idea why the site didn't put my laptop on the 'not compatible' list if it is whitelisted? Also thanks for the reply now I get what it means.
  7. Hey all hope you all doing amazing I have come here for a question for you all concerning my laptop. You see I want to get my Lenovo Thinkpad T430 ready for some games. Currently I am thinking about the EXP GDC Beast solution as my laptop has a EXP slot. Now people may be annoyed at me for not just building or get another PC for gaming but hear me out. First I am a student so I need a laptop for school, secondly I do not have a lot of money since I am a student so I dont want to waste my money I work hard for, for another PC. And thirdly it would be cool if this would work as I do really like this laptop and I dont want to sell it. Now in terms of compatibility my laptop is not mentioned on the official "EXP GDC site" as compatible, however it isn't in the list of laptops that are not compatible either so I am not sure what to do. I dont want to waste my money so thats why I have come here. I delved in deeper for the issue why some laptops are not compatible and I found out the reason is because of something called whitelist. This apparently (please correct me If I am wrong) is a lock on the bios to the wifi card slot in the laptop (the wifi card slot used for the GPU through the EXP GDC beast if you dont want to buy a separate wifi card). Now I dont know if my laptop has it and I dont know how to check. I have read that people say just put a wifi card from a different laptop into your one and see if it accepts it, and unfortunately this laptop is the only computer I have. So my question is, is my laptop compatible with the EXP GDC beast and how can I check if it has a whitelisted BIOS. Many Thanks in advance for any answers. P.S: If your answer is "it wont work dont bother" or "stop wasting your time" then there please dont join in the chat as I want helpful answers.
  8. Wow thanks thats the info I was looking for, I might go for the third option if feel confident but I think I am edging towards the second option, anyways thanks a lot for the help I will be sure to post the final Office PC I am gonna get and maybe a pic of it working, again thanks for the help!!
  9. Thats true I'll definitely look into it!
  10. have but a core i5 is quite expensive at 120 and I cant get a good GPU for less than 30. Besides an i3 for me would be underpowered.
  11. Hi guys so I want to get a old office PC from ebay and slap in a graphics card as I have heard many people saying that its the easiest and cheapest way to go. My budget is £150 ($196) and I wish to only get stuff from UK. I am not a PC guru and dont want to really swap out any PSU or any of that, just if possible a graphics and that's it. I already have monitor etc and I'm looking to game stuff like GTA V, Dead By daylight etc at 1080p medium settings. Im looking to get 40-60 FPS but 30 would be alright too. If someone could help me find the perfect office PC and GPU to go with it that would be awesome :D, Many thanks to any who help.
  12. I can GTA v on it but stuff like that and Call of duty etc
  13. Yeah fair enough but again like I said I can't get a desktop
  14. Could do that but I need a portbe machine for school thats why I got the laptop in the first place also no I haven't yet got the 750 ti.
  15. Hi there so in terms of my GPU I have the Intel hd 4000, I'm planning to go with the Express card solution and for the GPU I'm planning on getting the Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 Ti. The website I found this on is the downloaded PDF that is in this link http://www.raspberrypiwiki.com/images/8/81/EXP-GDC-User-Manual-EN-20170321.pdf Many Thanks for the interest though.