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  1. Ok unfortunatly the laptops on Ebay and on other sites were all above my price range, any new ideas?
  2. Ohh ok I will try, thanks for the tip.
  3. Ok but what sites would you recommend to look at the, at, I checked ebay, there are not any there.
  4. How much would they be? Currently I cant find any.
  5. Ah well just a thought, ty anyways guys though
  6. Hiya all, I just wanted to know (this is just a thought, I might go with this idea, I might not) if there is a nice £150-£200 gaming laptop that would be able to run GTA V, Fortnite, 720p Medium settings with a stable 30FPS. Im asking as after my exams I will go on holiday and I want to bring a laptop I could use for gaming. I dont mind it being used, the battery does not have to be good (will keep in in one play mostly on holiday) and yes, basically in that price point. Now I have found a decent one on ebay, problem is, it has Intergrated GPU and well even though it has good enough RAM and CPU, I seriously doubt it will run anything. Here is the link to the laptop I found: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Cheap-gaming-laptop-Dell-12-5-Intel-I3-2-5Ghz-8GB-480GB-SSD-WIFI-Win-7-10-HDMI/153402072075?hash=item23b779dc0b:m:mm3T-raNtqNqNxqqZ9oPzCQ&frcectupt=true Now when I typed in with a dedicated GPU, well it was well over my budget. Any thought or ideas will be much appreciated, Many Thanks In Advance, Dijon!
  7. Dijon

    Cloud Gaming using your own PC abroad?

    Thats true but when I get back Im legit busy with college/sixth form and trying to get a job, so basically I would not have enough time to build a PC after I come back, and my system that I chose for me is great. I do agree with you that the Vortex solution is best, for reference also, the internet abroad is stable and also my phone is the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE (4G Version), but I dont think it matters on old phones with Vortex and also the signal there is pretty good, Many Thanks fot the previous reply though.
  8. Dijon

    Cloud Gaming using your own PC abroad?

    Well Ik its 2.4GHz idk if its 5GHz, but I did do some research and found a gaming service called "Vortex", heres the link:https://vortex.gg/ Basically has a library of games and you download the app, need to download the app (which luckily my phone supports) and in the library the service supports, the paid games must be either paid for in steam or in their original sites. It has Fortnite and GTA V which are the main games I will play, plus has controller support. I believe its £7.60which I can support. Also when I did go in Kosovo, I did a ping test to check out the connection, it came up as "Fair", and should be able to get decent frame rates. Also I dont mind playing 720p and 30FPS is perfect. But is this method worth it? Just for reference I really only wanna play Fortnite and GTA V and maybe Fallout 4 too when I go abroad (this cloud gaming service supports both), and its £7.60 monthly. Many Thanks for the previous help though. PS: Do you think I will get any lag? If so how much if I play lets say, 2 hours a day?
  9. Dijon

    Cloud Gaming using your own PC abroad?

    Well its actually 15MBPS at its lowest sometimes 25MBPS at its highest, and yes I already have rooted my crappy old samsung and well I can connect my PS3 controller (PS3 sold though) to it blutooth wise. But how would you get steam link to work on VPN, thing is bro, GTA V is not on steam, but rather I paid for it on the actualy Rockstar website, so I downloaded it from there too.
  10. Dijon

    Cloud Gaming using your own PC abroad?

    Is there any other efficiant way, is there even a powerful service which allows you to basically use your own harware but with money, end of the day I dont mind paying a bit, but not too much.
  11. Dijon

    Cloud Gaming using your own PC abroad?

    Well I will be living with my grandparents for the time being and they will show me around and you know let me go on activities etc. At home since they are old they have each only 1 phone each, nothing else is connected to their wifi. So it should'nt be much of a problem?
  12. Hi guys so in 2 months time, after my exams I will build my very first Gaming PC (finally picked the parts!) but I have a problem. You see I finish my exams on the 14th, and I will buy the parts and wait for them to arrive (Amazon Prime, so next day delivery) and finish building at lets say the 20th June. Problem is on I dont when exactly but definetly in the 20-27 range, I will leave the UK and go abroad for my well deserved holiday for 2 months. Now my phone is crap and it really annoys me that I would of built a really nice Gaming PC, yet not be able to use it for over 2 months. I wanted to play and try my PC out in that holiday but I cant bring my PC with me. Then I had a solution but idk if it works of if this software exists. So I would go on holiday, download Steam (or any equivilant software) on my phone and my PC when before I go. Then when I am abroad I just text my parents (I am going abroad by myself, will be 16 then) to turn my newly built PC on (your PC has to be on for cloud gaming right?) and then I would connect my phone to my PC and essentially play on my phone using hardware from my PC. Now a seperate cloud gaming service would be cool but first it would be very expensive and most of them dont reach my country which I will go abroad on, Kosovo. So my question is, could I do it? Would it even be possible? Are there any other free solutions since I am after all using my own hardware? And the internet speed I have abroad is max 15MBPS, sometimes 20MBPS, so would this be good enough. I would be very appreciative if anyone helps me on this since I really do wanna play on my new built PC abroad when I am bored or before I go to sleep in my holiday. Many Thanks in advance, Dijon.
  13. Thanks guys I appreciate the help, I did think abut AMD'S APU'S for a while now, and it might actually work, however I would need a new case and PSU, which I will save up to get, So Many Thanks
  14. I guess but its used Im afraid of warrenty and that you get me? But thanks this is a very good find.
  15. £180 max cant much more Unfortunatly.