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    Maryland, USA


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    Asus Sabetooth Z-97 Mk-2
  • RAM
    16GB Crucial
  • GPU
    Asus GTX-960 Strix
  • Case
    Fractal Design R-5
  • Storage
    Samsun EVO 500 GB; WD Black 2 TB; WD Red 2TB
  • PSU
    Seasonic G650
  • Display(s)
    NEC P232W
  • Cooling
    Noctua NH U12S
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. Thanks. In the past when I've built new workstations, it was always with a new version of Windows. I had to update from Win8.1 to Win10 last year because Adobe photo apps required it. I've not experienced transferring a license. Since my current PC is a Z97, I'll need to do a fresh Windows install any way.
  2. I have a similar question. My current workstation is getting a little old and I want to do a new build. I have a retail Win10 Pro install that is linked to my Microsoft account. I want to transfer this key to the new workstation once it's up and configured. What do I need to do since this key would be on two installs for a short period of time. I don't want to inactivate the old workstation until everything is checked out. TIA
  3. There are a group of users, including myself, who use Win7 Windows Media Center as DVRs to run cable TV. It's cheaper than any other commercial alternative and Win10 does NOT offer this as MSFT didn't want to bother running television guide updates on a daily basis. I have a dedicated Win7 PC that runs my TV with a cable card tuner for premium encoded channels. The only Internet stuff that I do is streaming on about four sites for movies and sports - nothing else. Since I have no option than to pay Verizon above the cost of the cable card, this PC is going to run until it breaks (I do have redundant hardware and the OS drive is imaged regularly). I've been running MSFT Security Essentials on since the PC was built and my understanding is that for the foreseeable future the MSE virus database will be updated. Since I avoid all the common sources of malware, I'm not terribly concerned about the continued use of Win7 here. Both my wife's and my workstations run Win10 which works just fine.
  4. I still run my cable TV on Win7 Windows Media Center which is one of the better pieces of software MSFT created. I'm staying with this gong forward as Win10 does not support the app.
  5. I needed a Win7 product key two years ago when I was building a replacement PC to run Windows Media Center (WMC). WMC does not come with Win10 and it was an add on to Win8. I bought what was likely a gray market key from PCDestination (google it). I think they still have Win7 keys available. The only reason to run it, IMO, is if you are running WMC for a cable TV installation which is what I did. I wanted to have redundant hardware/software going forward in 2020 as Win7 is now at EOL> I didn't have any issues with Win7 install or activation and the PC has been working well since. I do have a system image on a separate SSD just in case.
  6. Our house was built in 1955 and we moved in about 30 years later. Every single interior outlet was two pronged. I installed a lot of properly grounded three prong outlets over the years and electricians did the job in the bathrooms and kitchens when they were remodeled. I've never seen any switched outlets here in the US. We do have Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets that will automatically switch off if there is a current discrepancy. Most of the installations of these that I've seen are in kitchens and bathrooms. The phone jack in the picture looks like the standard jack used for landlines (we still have a landline in our house because cell phone reception is spotty. As others have said, don't run a PC on an ungrounded outlet.
  7. I've only been building in Fractal cases and my workstation is an R5. Great case and while my storage needs are somewhat modest I have 3 HHDs and two SSDs in it. I don't game so the Fractal fans that came with the case are sufficient for my needs. Most importantly, it's stone cold quiet.
  8. I've been on nearly every single MSFT OS since DOS and they all worked just fine for my needs. Of course I'm not a gamer (only played Metro Last Light since it was free with my GPU, and all the Tex Murphy games) and the most intensive programs I run are photo editing ones. Since Win 7, I cannot every recalled getting a BSOD.
  9. My workstation has a 90 day deferral policy on upgrades. It just upgraded to 1903 from 1809 yesterday. I have not seen any issues at all with video, audio, or printing. Some applications seem to load much faster with 1903.
  10. If I'm not mistaken, Verizon purchased Yahoo! just over two years ago.
  11. In over ten years of building PCs I have only had to do one return (maybe I'm lucky) and that was for a noisy CPU cooler. I've ordered from both Amazon and Newegg without any issues at all. I do like to support Newegg as much as possible because of behemoth Amazon's size.
  12. I still have my HTC Incredible as it was the last cell phone to have an FM radio tuner built in. In the old pre-podcast days I listened to my local NPR station on my 20 minute walk to the nearby Metro station for my commute into Washington DC. I still have lots of music on it and it functions as a more than decent personal MP3 player these days. HTC made nice phones but were never has well financed as the big companies.
  13. The symptoms described are exactly as I once had with my HTPC. PSU doesn't send out a power good signal and the computer won't start without it. When I hooked up a PSU tester it failed this test.
  14. Anyone who has done mITX builds realizes that installation of the CPU, RAM, and air cooler (if used) outside of the case is the only reasonable way to go. I've built in a couple of very small cases over the years and it's near to impossible to do these installs once the MoBo is in the case. Some low profile air coolers for office PCs do not have mounting brackets and if your case does not have a cut out there is no way to mount it.
  15. I assume the OP meant Sandisk USB drives. It's the only brand that I've used over the past five years and never had a single failure or problem. I've done Win7, 8.1, and 10 installs using them.