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Alan G

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About Alan G

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    Maryland, USA


  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    Asus Sabetooth Z-97 Mk-2
  • RAM
    16GB Crucial
  • GPU
    Asus GTX-960 Strix
  • Case
    Fractal Design R-5
  • Storage
    Samsun EVO 500 GB; WD Black 2 TB; WD Red 2TB
  • PSU
    Seasonic G650
  • Display(s)
    NEC P232W
  • Cooling
    Noctua NH U12S
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. Alan G

    New Build Troubleshooting

    Pull out the GPU and see if you have the problem running off of Intel CPU graphics. This would assess whether there is an issue with your GPU.
  2. Alan G

    "PSU's cant cause freezes"

    I had a Seasonic G360 that was powering my HTPC fail when it went out of spec with the Power Good signal. It was erratic and sometimes would not come out of sleep because the signal was bad. The PSU was only a couple of months outside the three year warranty so I simply swapped in a new PSU and haven't had any issues since.
  3. Alan G

    Cases that can fit noctua D15

    This is a pretty simple question to answer. The D15 with the fan attached is 165mm tall. I think most case manufacturers provide specs on the size of the air cooler for that case. the Fractal Meshify C will accept coolers with a height of 170mm.
  4. I only use Crucial memory and they are very good about publishing MoBo compatibility. Since I never build in windowed cases, RGB lighting is unimportant. I always check with their 'memory finder' before purchasing and in all my builds have never experienced a single issue. I have a couple of PCs that have been running flawlessly with the same set up for the past eight years.
  5. Alan G

    Windows 7 in 2019

    I run my television with Win7 and Windows Media Center (best piece of software MSFT ever developed) and plan on doing so as long as the hardware holds out. I've got extra parts to keep this baby humming along. It's only used for cable card TV and streaming on Amazon, Netflix and ESPN. No other uses.
  6. Alan G

    small MITX CASE comparison

    I've done three builds in the Fractal Design Core 500 and it's pretty straight forward. You can only put two HDDs in it along with 2 SSDs. There is enough room for a reasonable size air cooler and of course it does have a front bay for an optical drive. You don't say what the use for this PC is. Mine have either been office builds or HTPC. My current HTPC runs 24/7 and I've not had any issues. I only run a Sony 32 inch TV off of it so I use Intel graphics which are just fine. If I had a GPU, cable management would be a bit of an issue.
  7. Alan G

    Lots of trouble with a card reader

    This is correct. I have a a couple of USB card readers for camera cards (had to buy a new once because of the new format cards that Nikon Z cameras use) and always get the same message that you have seen. When you plug a new card into the reader it will open just fine in Win10
  8. Alan G

    Deleted Files. Folders (not 1903)

    I've used WizTree to find files and folders that were problematic. I usually run it off of a USB stick between different PCs in our house when I have issues. You should be able to locate the files and folder in question and it will give the option of searching all the drives on your PC. Hope this helps.
  9. I've pretty much settled on Fractal for case builds for family and friends and never been disappointed. My workstation is in an R5 and I've got five drives (2 SSDs and 3 HDDs) in it. SSDs go right on the panel behind the MoBo and cable routing is extremely simple. I had thrown out some of the drive caddies a while back because I didn't think I would need more HDDs. Fractal just asked for my case serial number and sent me 3 addition ones (I had to pay the shipping but that was OK because it was my fault). I also had a bad front panel connection on a Core 500 and it was promptly replaced. I think Fractal are being responsive to the market these days with different case colors and clear panels (those don't excite me as I don't go in for RGB lightshows).
  10. Alan G

    File copying programs

    +1; I have used this on multiple machines over the years and it works like a charm.
  11. The best hardware recommendations for Adobe LR and Photoshop are over at Puget Systems. LR recommendations are HERE and Photoshop recommendations are HERE.. I do a lot of photo editing and 95% of my work can be done in LR with only occasional Photoshop work. I've been running a Haswell i7 CPU and an NVIDA GTX 960 (2 GB RAM) for the past three years and don't see any issues at all. I've done some panorama stitching and the wait time for the process to finish is not unreasonable. If you do a lot of Photoshop work, maxing out system RAM is a good idea. I have 16GB right now but if I were to build a new work station I would bump that up to either 32 or 64. My previous workstation ran an i5 CPU and that was OK at the time. Hope this helps.
  12. Alan G

    Is windows defender good enough ?

    As with others, I only use Windows Defender on my Win10 workstation. When this machine was still on Win8.1 I used BitDefender but from everything I read Windows Defender is just fine as long as you use common sense regarding spam email links and dodgy websites. I also look at it this way, in three years of using Windows Defender I will have saved enough money from NOT buying another solution to pay off the Win10 license fee.
  13. I just did a quick check of the ADATA website and their compatibility tool. The memory is not listed by ADATA either. This is a common problem as sometimes builders don't do a thorough enough check to see if the memory will work in their MoBo. I always use Crucial memory and pre-check on their website before purchasing. I've never had an issue this way.
  14. Alan G

    Web Design Software

    Thanks; I'll take a look at this.
  15. Alan G

    Reactivate Windows 10 After Hardware Change

    If your Win8 was OEM the Win10 update will be considered OEM from MSFT's point of view and a MoBo change requires a new license. You can try calling them and explain things and see if they will update the product key for you.