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  1. Figures, that's how it seems now. The UPS is fully charged. I haven't noticed any problems with the Powerline network even when having an A/C unit, a microwave, a freezer, a refrigerator and a TIG welder working at the same time. But that UPS...
  2. I know that the title sounds weird, but currently I can´t have my Powerline Network and my UPS working at the same time. I've been searching for more information on similar cases, with no success. Hopefully someone here, had the same problem or has heard of something similar. I've had installed a TP-Link Powerline AV500 network in my home for 3 years now (I've attached a 'lousy' diagram of my home network to make it easier to understand) My network consists of: - 1 modem/router from my ISP. - Ethernet wired to the Powerline Modem, directly connected to the AC socket. - 3 Powerline clients distributed in different rooms, directly connected to the AC socket. The average bandwidth between the powerline clients and modem was around 270 Mbps. Average for the AV500 products. I recently built a PC and decided to power it through a UPS, since my local power connection fluctuates around 204-226 volts. As soon as I connected the UPS to the AC socket, my Powerline network went down. The max bandwidth tops at 10 Mbps. Internetwise, I'm still tracking download speeds of 40 Mbps in the ISP modem, but in all the Powerline clients it registers 1 Mbps max download. I troubleshot the powerline network with no solution, but as soon as I unplugged the UPS, everything went back to normal. I assume that the UPS is generating some high frequency noise in my electric wiring, disrupting the Powerline network. I plan to install a surge protector before my UPS, in hopes of filtering out some of that electric noise. I'll update when I install the surge protector. I'll appreciate any information about this issue, since I haven't found anything similar yet.
  3. hey, First, your intel B360 chipset and motherboard don't support 3200Mhz memory speeds. You should be able to run 2666MHz with XMP profile. Second, your motherboard supports dual memory channel and I see your options include many single 16 GB sticks. I'd recommend going for 2x8GB memories, as you'd be taking advantage of the dual channels. Third, I've used G.SKILL RIPJAWS and TRIDENT Z before, and I'me currently using CORSAIR LPX VENGEANCE memory and never had any issues with them. I hope this helps somehow.