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  1. my scores were 770-773 for multicore benchmark and 158 for single core benchmarking- (took cinebench screenshots actually) idk the 3770k cinebench scores but my scores should theoretically be under them i need to do some further research and testing for monitoring actual clocks though with hwinfo program in case their wrong but like...i allready took sleeping meds tonight and i dont wanna risk spending the night sleepclocking
  2. u can youtube other ppls getting stupid overclocks on it, im not sure why it seems to go above and beyond specs, im going to double check with hwinfo instead , but ive seen 4.2 on task manager in case tht changes something, im pretty sure i saw on youtube some ppls bring it to 4.25 , it is a non k version which is why im wondering why im seeing those scores, it could be like mira and jurrunimo said that the programs are jus wack and misreading too though. the only other explanation i could think of is the bclk allowing turbo boost to start at a higher low end limit, which would in theory allow a higher top end overclock- but i wasent sure so i posted~ im going to do some testing with hwinfo and ill update with a scrreenshot to get some info/helps~
  3. holy cow u can ride dinosaurs in that ark game o:!
  4. thanks i hear you, its not about buying it though; allready have 2 8gb ram sticks in my comp(corsair xms ddr3), but was given 4x8 gb of another brand (ballistix tactical lp) so wanted to post to ask some opinions about it. my current ram dosent have xmp but the new ballistix ones do so figured i should put them in if the timings an frequency are similar to wat im alrleady using, but was wondering if id evn benefit from 32 vs 16 so wanted to post to ask some opinions about it. its not the best ddr3 but thers alot, do you know why if it affects benchmark scores negatively in some cases and why it wouldent also affect gaming performance negatively ?
  5. oh oh oh i read its possibly good/efficiently used for games you can mod alot, like skyrim? i like world of tanks too which has alota mods u can install sorta like skyrim but less beautiful, more tanks.
  6. hmm prefetch.. i was wondering if 32gb would affect benchmark scores too
  7. if u had 4 slots for ram and got 4x8gb for free to put in it would you or wold yu jus put 16 gbs cause the other 16 will nevr be used in any normal application? (or mayb in near future yu need that nine thousandsth and one'th tab open in ur browser for anime or soemthing ?lol)
  8. someinfo= i was working on some gpu overclocking and noticed my cpu oc went over wat i though it c/would. some more infos= mobo=https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/P8H67M_LX/specifications/ more more infos= it generally turbo boosts all cores up to 4.25-4.3 but in some instances it goes up to 4.4-4.5ghz if i run a stressful application. more more more infos= ive been able to note 4.5ghz on cpuz and hwmonitor (even simultaneously ) but not on windows task manager, but ive seen 3 cores hit the 4.5mark in this short amount of time observing it and took a screenshot to post= +things like cinebench at the time reported my cpu is running at 3.51ghz so could it just be the bclk allowing turboboost to get more high ?
  9. o: hei hav fun in norway i hav a penpal in trondheim :D!! (thankyouu)
  10. thank you for stufs, u kno, for the helps, your insights, its not exactly wat yu ordered but i applied really important knowledge infos from your helps and every other crazy person who tried reading this, into this at every turn C:! i wish it was an amd gpu cause not only does amd successfully let u mod bios >:3 , but according to my scientific academy research nvidia fanboys(an fangirls) actually sound kinda lame. but but like lol u kno im pretty lucky to afford any of this stufs nvidia or not while livng on DIY ramen noodles n occasional crispy chiken nuggets!!! heres the financial damage on this build= dvd rw drive= free from earlier build misclenaneousu fans= free from earlier builds 120g ssd for windows= free from earlier build 120gb ssd for games=free from friend rosewill stryker m case =$25 P8Z77M-LK=$80 i7-3770=traded for i5-3570 at no extra cost that i used ina previous build (i bought for $40 back then) evga active cooling extreme(acx) cpu cooler=$25 evga 750gq 750w semimodular psu=$25 sata 8fan 3pin multi splitter=1$ two 1600mhz 8gig corsair xms ram dongles lol(16gb) = $60 Led strip = $4 evga gtx 1070 superclocked= $250 nuggets stupid total=445 (if using the rx560 total was $195) *sidenote*spose i could post some photos an stats about the earlier build~its a micro-atx system now too! (in the living room) >:u u wanna see? omg everything visible says evga on it