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  1. James the Broke Gamer

    Cool Planes and flight sims and yokes

    Hey guys, at my school people love playing fsx and x plane as do I I am thinking of buying a yoke system for these flight sims, and should I go for x-plane 11 or stick with fsx? Yoke is expensive, so im not sure if I should go for it, if anyone has experience using it tell meh if u think its worth it also planes are cool also, in my opinion, any type of simulator is fun in a casual way, I like casual gaming and rpg games more in general cuz I rage less lol
  2. James the Broke Gamer

    MacOS vs Windows 10 Power Consumption

    So I am a MacOS fan- I have a windows PC but I have a macbook (macOS mojave) and I was wondering, does one software do better at saving energy (with all the animations on and stuff) also, has the efficiency gotten better or worse since the first GUIs so if anyone just knows anything interesting about this id luv 2 here it
  3. linus what about closed loop GPU cooling in general?
  4. huh thats cool, couldent u build a "server" like that really cheap?
  5. the most brilliant mind of 2019: 664104530_ScreenShot2019-02-13at4_47_29PM.png.a3654690a68d4d21c707a215fd8cf661.png1052402319_ScreenShot2019-02-13at4_48_02PM.png.2a2c9ce2f793e1422c7e385b94607dae.png duz noh not how to speling vary gud some reezon

  6. James the Broke Gamer

    MacOS vs Windows 10 Power Consumption

    cool, thx for answering (btw I was joking with the complicated part it is hard to be sarcastic on a forum)
  7. James the Broke Gamer

    MacOS vs Windows 10 Power Consumption

    that answer is too long and complicated ( ' -- ' )
  8. James the Broke Gamer

    Off topic chit chat

    god damnit someone leaked my selfie from a few weeks ago
  9. James the Broke Gamer

    MacOS vs Windows 10 Power Consumption

    huh cule
  10. Image result for bill gates meme

  11. WUTTT dont let my mom see this topic she will smash all of my devices then wrap my head in lead and give me a hazmat suit
  12. James the Broke Gamer

    ASUS ROG Strix Gaming RTX 2080 is very good card?

    wut do you need a 2080 for? if your 4k gaming then I understand- rog is overpriced, they make good cards, but you could probably get a liquid cooled hybrid for the same price idk
  13. James the Broke Gamer

    Off topic chit chat

    hey man im nut a pezant I am a waffle maker
  14. James the Broke Gamer

    Worst Tech mistake you have ever made?

    yes it fits ov course and screwes in and everything, but the PSU is old and the cables are hella short
  15. James the Broke Gamer

    Ryzen 7 1700 OC tips

    ryzen 7? seeing as you have a 1070ti you probably can achieve decent fps on 1080p - 4K gaming. The Ryzen 7 was designed for workstation because it has a good core and thread count. Overclocking it if you can is a good idea, but if you are not happy with the performace you are getting from it gaming wise, then recent Intel CPU's have a very high gaming bench, but not as good as AMD for workstations, OR you can just buy a $50 air cooler (noctua makes good ones) and then overclock it very high. My friend has a i7 8700k and a 360mm AIO and he can overclock his to 5.3 ghz with no problems. my other friend who has the ryzen 5 1600 OC'd it to 4ghz with a 240mm AIO dunno if this helps, just my experience with OC hey have u thought about GPU overclocking?
  16. James the Broke Gamer

    Off topic chit chat

    hey GabrielLP14 u have more posts then me that is what is up.
  17. James the Broke Gamer

    Off topic chit chat

    that would make an awsome poster
  18. James the Broke Gamer

    PC Gaming with TV instead of Monitor

    I am looking to buy a new monitor for the new PC I am going to build soon. I am leaning towards 1440p at a high refresh rate. I noticed when I was online shopping, that 4K TV's are cheaper than 1440p 144hz Monitors. Now the cheapest 1440p monitor I could find was about $300. The cheapest 4K I could find was $210 (43inch). My desk is large and I can put a tv in the very back instead of a monitor, so I don't see what would stop me from doing this except that the TVs are suspiciously cheaper, and I don't know a lot of people who PC game on large TVs. Also, for a little more money, I could get a 4K 120hz TV... which I thought was impossible because 4K really only goes up to 60HZ on monitors. Is this just because of the PPI then?? thx
  19. James the Broke Gamer

    a little help please

    bruh pc building is like building legos your build looks good to me! if you don't care about worksation stuff at all, then you could go for a ryzen 3 2200g seeing as it is very similar performance but again, thats just me thinking on a budget. https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/AMD-Ryzen-5-2600-vs-AMD-Ryzen-3-2200G/3955vsm441832 also, rx 580 though it has 8gb of ram, 1070 is much high in performance and I have seen some cheap ones on ebay recently: https://www.ebay.com/itm/MSI-AERO-GTX-1070/132933840372?hash=item1ef3796df4:g:QL4AAOSwDsZcT7Ky:rk:8:pf:0&LH_BIN=1 HERE IS MY $800 BUILD if ur curious :) all in all your parts look strong enough for 1440 so yeah
  20. James the Broke Gamer

    Unable to boot Windows 10 installer neither Windows 10

    huh, I sympathize, I was troubleshooting my PC for months, and I popped out a ram stick and it worked fine! To me, it looks like your computer is just not powerful enough to set up windows 10 (this happened to me when I was troubleshooting and swapped the card for a gtx 275. Now with a laptop, I have no clue. If you have a drive with space on it, you could try saving up all your data to it, then erasing the drive and doing a fresh install. Again, Im not sure, it could be a software issue (maybe there are programs running in the background slowing down your laptop)
  21. Guys what is your take on this video, seems kind of sketch? maybe linus could do something like this?


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    2. LukeSavenije


      4670 is pretty good even today, and since you have it already, get yourself a nice aircooler (34 esports duo for example), I would look into the mx500, as they are really cheap the last while. I would swap the case for a mb511, focus g or something along those lines, the gpu seems like a great deal, but you might want to look if you can fit a different cooler on it. the only other reason I would say to not do 4x4 is your wallet, as 2x8 can be found cheaper than this


      and if you still want to go fresh, look into a r5 2600 build

    3. James the Broke Gamer

      James the Broke Gamer

      thx bro, did u have a certain build in mind for the ryzen 5 2600?


      yes I do know air coolers are much better price to performance! I only had the 120mm aio cause I wanted my build to look cleaner but I will keep looking around for good deals and stuff

    4. LukeSavenije


      I'm thinking something like this

      the 34 esports dual is that new it isn't even listed on pcpp yet, but I have the arctic website


  22. James the Broke Gamer

    Unable to boot Windows 10 installer neither Windows 10

    can you still get into windows 7?
  23. James the Broke Gamer

    What Amount of Money ACTUALLY creates a fun gaming experience

    Um I will look into that thanks
  24. Guys, let's be honest, you want to play bo3 or something, do you need to spend over 1200 dollars on a liquid cooled gaming rig for 1080p gaming? no? you want 1440p? still overpaying? oh, 1440p 240hz? what 4k gaming at 60hz??? will that make u BETTER at the game??? does a high resolution, fancy PC, rgb peripherals actually make you happier? guys tell me how YOU game... and is it fun how it is
  25. James the Broke Gamer

    Worst Tech mistake you have ever made?