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  1. Onw

    Help please.

    Oh, I'm sorry, my bad, I have one, it doesn't really help tho.
  2. Onw

    Help please.

    Yes, i have an ethernet cable to my router and from router to my PC.
  3. Onw

    Help please.

    Hello, I need your help. I have a router(ASUS RT-NT12+) and I need internet connection in a room, but it goes through 2 brick walls, so the speed that the router gets(20Mbit/s) is in the room very unstable and it's usually something around 1-6Mbit/s. My question is, how can I improve the speeds over there? I was thinking that maybe a dualband router might help? or maybe one with more antennas? or faster internet connection? Thanks for any tips, all of them are very appreciated. Edit: I also have an extender in the room(ASUS RP-N12)
  4. Ok, thanks. I looked on the net and I found some nonstandard PBT keycaps and ones even sold directly from Corsair. Thank you very much for the info.
  5. Ok, thank you, I'll wait if they will respond and I'll start looking for PBT keycaps on nonstandard bottom row. Thanks
  6. Oh, I didn't know that, as I said it's gonna be my fist mechanical keyboard. So is this thing really bad? In what time you should replace the keycaps? Also do you have to do it? And what is quality brand for keycaps? Thanks for more info :D.
  7. Ok, thanks for the info. If they are mostly the same I'll probably go with the corsair one as I like it a bit more and I don't mind the nonstandard row. Thank you very much.
  8. Hello, I'd like to buy my first mechanical keyboard and I'm stuck between 2: Corsair K70 LUX red LED and HyperX alloy elite red. I'm considering only these two, because atm they are discounted at our country(111 us dollars) and there isn't a lot to choose from at us and most of the stuff is really expensive. Maybe could get something from amazon.de, but that looks kinda expensive as well. I'll be using the keyboard for gaming and typing(I'd like to learn to touch-type). Thanks for any advice.