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  1. If posting this in another forum will yield actual results instead of useless spam, I will gladly put it somewhere else; just let me know where.
  2. I had a crazy idea for a storage system for my personal desktop. I am starting to assemble the components and wanted to check is this would even work, as well as what all I would need to purchase/do to make it happen. It begins with two 512 GB NVMe drives, striped to one 1 TB ultra-fast drive. Added to that are two 4 TB Sata SSDs, also striped into one drive. These are then both combined through tiered storage software (currently thinking FuzeDrive 1000, open to other recommendations). Thus, I have one C: drive, 1 TB of ultra fast storage and 8 TB of slower storage that I see as one. Additionally, I would have a 10 TB (two 5 TB) hard drive in a separate location that I would back the whole system up to. I don't know a whole lot about RAID, or what kind of RAID cards/software I would need for that, as well as what the best drives are for this. Currently, I will almost certainly get a Samsung 960 EVO 512 GB to pair with the one I already have. I am leaning towards Kingston or Samsung for the Sata SSDs, and Western Digital for the Hard Drives. My System: Ryzen 5 2600 OC to 3.9 GHz, stock cooler 16 GB (2x8) 2400 MHz DDR4 RAM from G.Skill MSI Armor MkII OC 8 GB RX 570 Asus Prime B-450 Plus Samsung 960 EVO 512 GB NVMe M.2 drive 1 TB Toshiba OEM Dell Hard Drive (Plan to discard) In short: Will this work? How do I make it work?
  3. I want to build a setup with 4 monitors that can be used (in a 2x2 arrangement) as one big screen for watching movies and whatnot, but then separated into 4 separate systems to game on with four keyboard/mouse setups. I was thinking of using four separate PCs, but I am open to using one and setting up virtual machines. All four screens will be 4k, so what graphics card/s would I need to run the system on one PC? Additionally, what software is there for setting up virtual machines (preferably free/one time payment, no subscriptions).