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  1. MrConcrete04

    RTX 2080 vs TITAN Xp - Which one to go with?

    Titan XP is the best card ever
  2. MrConcrete04

    Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 6.gen

    Thanks for letting me know
  3. MrConcrete04

    Lenovo ThinkPad E590. A good choice?

    Ill use it while travelling and during class
  4. Hi everyone reading this, I am considering the X1 Carbon 6.gen. (i5 8250U) The only thing I'm only curious whether it has 2 m.2 slots because if I get the 256gb version (cheapest) I will want to stick in another 256 or 512gb in. I know it has has one m.2 slot populated by the ssd and another with the WiFi card. There is a third one (shorter than ssd but longer than the WiFi slot) (I am aware of shorter m.2s) but i want to make sure whether it supports storage. Have a great day Thank you
  5. Im thinking about getting a ThinkPad E590, the only thing I am concerned about are thermals and upgradeability. Does it have good thermals? RAM upgrade? ROM upgrade? Battery life?
  6. preferably amazon thanks
  7. I need help Im a student who likes to game
  8. I'm not picky when it comes to weight or battery life aslong as the battery isnt potatoe
  9. Honestly a asus ux533 with gtx 1050 would be a really good choice even though it has no TB support. Your thoughts on that???
  10. it doesnt really have to be mx150 but aslong as it has a dedicated gpu and TB3 with 4x pcie (charging too) then Im fine THX for replying tho
  11. MrConcrete04

    88C on RX 580???

    or how about removing stock fans and putting on a noctua industrial fan xd
  12. Hello everyone reading this, I am a very old watcher of LTT and a couple days back I saw a video on a super clean desk set up where you only had to plug in 1 (type c TB3) cable and in a matter of seconds you would be up and running with a powerful system. But my problem was that the Razer Blade 2017 was just too expensive and therefore I'm looking for a alternative with mx150, TB3 x4 PCIe and charging via that port. My budget is roughly 1200EUR and if you can find anything plz reply. Thank you very much