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  1. jlficken

    Firewall Choice

    I don't think the USG Pro-4 is going to provide you with the bandwidth you have. I'm sure it won't if you enable QoS or IPS/IDS. We use the USG Pro-4's at work and I use Untangle at home. The USG is a piece of garbage compared to Untangle and I HATE having to resort to JSON Hell when doing even basic things since the interface doesn't support it. The picture below is with a 25/5 DSL connection and it is using 44% of the CPU currently. Sometimes it is closer to 70%. I can't wait for our Gigabit Fiber connection so get here so that I can convince them to replace the USG's. Untangle HomePro is $40/yr and worth every penny imo. The TunnelVPN app is great and the OpenVPN app is easy to configure as well. I haven't used pfSense very much so I will refrain from commenting on it.
  2. I got tired of my EdgeRouter Pro and it's limitations with QoS enabled and complete lack of any kind of IPS/IDS so I splurged. Here is the box that I wound up with. We are getting 1Gbps/250Mbps fiber here in the next couple of months with 1Gbps/1Gbps coming after that and I wanted something that could handle it with IPS/IDS, QoS, Application Control, multiple VPN's, and AV. It also has 2x10Gbe ports for when I step up to a 10Gbe core switch. I have to say that for the $40/year for a HomePro license I am very happy with it. I also have 4 fiber uplinks running out to my shop (the small rack) where my backup NAS resides. This is the average CPU usage for yesterday so I think I have some headroom for when the fiber is hooked up. The spikes are when definitions are being updated from what I can tell as they are consistent every day.
  3. jlficken

    Wired Router Recommendation

    QoS will still help though for upload. You are correct though that download won't help all that much.