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  1. does it use more processor or does it rely more on a video card i alm playing the division 1 on the same pc with a shitty video card at 25-30 fps (windowed and 720 p) but once i upgraded to gtx 1050 it is playable up to high settings 1080p
  2. already have it and collected all of the gear sets i dropped it already
  3. hmm i hope someone benchmarks it lol
  4. yeah a gtx 1050 but the minimum requirements of the game on processor is 3.4? mine is 3.2
  5. I tried searching for one... no has tried it yet im gonna find a trial copy or smth then test it lol
  6. So yeah has anyone benchmarked the division 2 on an i5 750 totally not have that processor and wishing I can play the game lol just curious what would happen ? Will it even launch? Will it be playable on 720p at a very very low quality? Or will it be stucked on 15 fps ?
  7. I think that's the best gpu ? Or gtx 1050 ti that... that motherboard can support because it doesnt have the pins? For power supply
  8. It runs... like 30 fps and drops to 16 at explosions maybe after a year it will get optimized before i was running bf 1 and 30 fps and drops at 16 fps at launch too but 4 yrs after launch im playing it at 60 fps on all low while streaming and recording!
  9. Yeah ... time to buy a new one thanks!
  10. Oh ! Thanks! Welp time to retire this one then!
  11. Ohhh explains why thanks!
  12. Dang looks like im gonna need to buy a new one then
  13. Damn but i saw someone on youtube with it on 4 ghz how did they do it?
  14. Thanks ! Ill keep that in mind