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    Somewhere in South America


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    4th Gen I5
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    16 GB DDR3
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    GTX 1060 6GB
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    SanDisk 240GB SSD and SeaGate Barracuda 2TB
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    Corsair 500W
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    Win 10 Pro

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  1. Welcome to the cult friend.

    1. SocksAndSandals-Kirst


      WAIT WHAT? How did you do this so fast?

    2. FakeCIA


      I know all, see all.

  2. as stated on the video you're refering to, it's a hardware limitation, not a software or firmware issue, meaning that any switch with the older hardware revision will do, no matter if it's updated or not.
  3. if you'd prefer there's a desktop app for whatsapp, which I think is what @NineEyeRonmeant.
  4. because of the crappy PSU, I feel sorry for this money loss, but that's surely a lesson learned, don't skimp on your PSU.
  5. G633 from Logitech. Weird and clunky pair of headsets and the 3.5mm jack for use with a cell phone is just a gimmick, contrary to what I thought when I first saw it. Add to it the fact that I have a cat that likes stuff when stuff is on the ground...and the G633 became the spare headset for a rainy day. What I almost forgot to mention is that the mini USB connection to the headset is also quite weak, and now the left side of the headset doesn't work half the time...I need headset recomendations
  6. after the China debauchery everyone seems to have forgotten, I'll never purchase/play any other games from Blizzard until/unless they chenge their stance.
  7. I've already fully specced out my future AMD build, the only missing part is a B550 mobo, I could go X570, but that's waaaaay too much money for features I'll barely, if ever, use. And I don't wanna go B450 because of the lack of PCI-e Gen 4 slots (I need/want fast storage)
  8. If only they launched the B550 chipset already...but I can dream.
  9. I honestly hope it's awesome, this plus the launch of the B550 chipset (one can dream) means I can finally have a team red build (I already have an Intel/Nvidia build, which is quite old and due for an upgrade).
  10. I think Microsoft is doing just fine tbh. And I need that extra $180 way more than they do. Not saying piracy is right neither am I endorsing it, just saying that a multi billion dollar company, with multiple products for personal and enterprise use, will be all right if I don't buy a copy of Windows off of their site.
  11. it's so much fun to read this thread and realize the high percentage of you who dind't read the full article.
  12. and I'm fully aware of that, but I wasn't the only one on the beta program, so me not accepting it wouldn't make Amazon not come to here, and I was gonna buy one anyways, so win-win.
  13. "are you from the USA or from Canada?" rest of the world: am I a joke to you?