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  1. I have an idea for you, something I tried with local computer dealers. What I did was to sent a request for an offer for (in my case) ryzen bundle, meaning cpu+mb+ram. I specifically requested for a 2200G CPU with a motherboard that is running b450 chipset with at least 4 slots for memory and 2 PCI-E and 8GB of 3000MHz memory The interesting thing was that i intended to insert their e-mail addresses in the hidden field so they don't know they are competing with the others, but made a mistake and sent a broadcast. So whatever, 3 companies replied that they don't trade with end customers, they mostly import for other dealers (I know that is not true, I've bought from them). From 1 of them i got an e-mail (replayed to all) that basically said that I'm simply creating hassle for 20 dealers and since I'm going to buy from only one, it is not fair. Then he told everyone else in the chain to not reply to me, because I'm cheap and nobody wants a client like me(can you believe this guy?)! However in the next few days I actually received 3 offers with my parts and was able to choose a deal for me. At the end I didn't only got a good deal, but good service as well, by putting the dealers in direct competition. So why don't you try this?