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  1. Well yes, it's my opinion it's supposed to be subjective :D. Painkiller and Serious Sam are pve/pvm too and it works out for them. They are way more entertaining than Borderlands too in my opinion.
  2. Hi so I wanted to start a discussion about shooters, and what makes them good. I want to know how other people feel about them and I will share my opinion on it too. Just gonna start with my opinion. Counter Strike, Half Life (first one), UT, Serious Sam and Painkiller are imo the perfect shooters. A enemy has to die in one hit, assault rifles need to be turned down and I need dozens of enemies coming at me at once. The games I named above have these things. Counter Strike, you headshot the enemy with a deagle or ak and they die. Half Life, you got the shotgun and gauss gun. You charge it up and one shot enemies. And what I love about all of those weapons is that you are basically dead if you miss your shot. The gauss gun takes a while to charge up, if you miss your shot you give your enemy time to turn around and kill you instead. This automatically nerfs most assault rifles, because those usually need more than just one hit to kill you. Well, and this is basically why I hate most modern shooters. Borderlands, Doom or all the zombie games that got released lately don't have these features. In most of them you get yourself a assault rifle and just shoot into the crowd. And worst off all, enemies are tanky as hell. It takes ages to take one down.
  3. Have Luke and Riley team up in a Scrapyard Wars
  4. Can we please have more Riley and Luke in upcoming videos?
  5. Funny how you are using a threat to get people to buy a MS licenses.
  6. I honestly find it morally wrong to pay for windows. It's basically the equivalent to free2play games. My surface came with Windows preinstalled. And my self build computer uses the free OS I got ages ago. Anyone remember the free windows 8 upgrades they gave to windows 7 users? I got windows 8 for free back then and that key turned into a windows 10 after some point. I don't know why you would pay for w10 when they gave away keys for free a few years ago.
  7. I have read every single post in this thread and looked into them too. I choose to not comment on the named games because I have nothing nice to say about most of the named games.
  8. Hi, thanks for all the suggestions so far, buuuuut do you guys know any challenging games that are not hard to play? I was thinking of something like nintendo games. The controls are generally easy, but the games themselves are not that easy to solve.
  9. Can you guys recommend me some PC games suitable for people who don't normally play games? When I have friends over I like to watch them play games, but my steam library is full of games they can't play. I tried to make a friend play the original half life just a few days ago and he struggled with the controls. That one friend struggled with the WASD controls. I have no idea why he couldn't grasp it, but to him it made no sense at all. As if those keys were selected at random.
  10. Hi, sorry for the late reply. I wasn't sure how to do this, because if I link to a shop... let's say amazon.de thousands of laptops will show up. But I found another solution. There is this website called Geizhals.de which basically links to offers from amazon and other stores. I can limited it to laptops released in 2019. Hope you can work with that List I also remember hearing that the GTX 1650 has a great value, so here is a list with laptops that feature it https://geizhals.de/?cat=nb&bpmin=800&bpmax=1100&v=e&hloc=at&hloc=de&filter=aktualisieren&sort=t&bl1_id=30&xf=11295_21904+-+NVIDIA+GeForce+GTX+1650~3310_2019 Hope that makes things easier. I set budget to 800€-1100€, 950€ is the sweat spot, but a little more is okay too.
  11. I am living in europe, I just need some rough ideas to work with here. There is no specific website that I buy from, I go to wherever it is cheapest.
  12. I don't even know what sRGB means. Look, my friend is a total normie and he asked for a semi decent laptop. I don't use photoshop myself but I am pretty sure that most laptops can run it. Weight, battery life and RAM are all not a big deal. Wouldn't surprise me if he only used his Laptop for browsing the web. I just need a few okayish laptops so I don't end up recommending him some total garbage.
  13. Hey guys So my friend wants to buy a new laptop, which should roughly cost 800€ but can go up to 1000€ "if it's worth it". Now the last time I have bought a laptop was 2006 and that one died in 2008 or something like that. I am really not up to date on this anymore. So I was wondering if you guys could recommend me some laptops or share some things I should look out for when buying one. He is a professional DJ and hooks it up to his DJ devices. I have no idea if that is cpu hungry, I assume it mostly acts as a music library. He does some light photo editing and wants to get into video and music editing. He is not professionally editing videos, so I guess it's okay if the performance isn't that good, but it should be somewhat bearable. Can you guys recommend me something?
  14. It really isn't that ugly. If I saw that build in my friends place I wouldn't assume that he tried to make something really ugly on purpose. I'd honestly just tell him that the colors are a little off but it is okay otherwise. I personally would have used these old, yellowish cases. Kinda like those in the sleeper pc videos. But instead of being new and clean actually bad and dirty.
  15. It could be a youtube issue to be honest. Because I looked up other pictures right now to make sure it's not an issue with my screen. One of you guys happen to have a link to a youtube video with similar dark parts?