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  1. Try putting in the old one and see if the problem is still there. Might actually be unrelated. But If you can get back into windows, download the driver for the new gpu. Also try clearing cmos by removing the battery. Are you getting into bios?
  2. Ah man that could be a couple of things. Maybe bad power brick or battery, motherboard issue, or quickly overheating CPU just to name a few. You might get lucky and I could be an easy fix. It's up to you if you like to use your hands, tinker and have patience then go for it. Also if you can stand to lose 100 bucks. Check out ifixit.com as well.
  3. Did you swap the gpu from your gaming rig into your stream pc? Or is it a whole new gpu?
  4. Yeah with wifi. I haven't tried wired yet. I'll give that a go on my next day off as well as contact asus I guess.
  5. Hey guys, recently my server connection, keyboard, mouse and rgb mousepad have been dropping randomly while in a dungeon online in FFXIV. Seems to only happen in this situation. I have made sure everything is turned to high performance and unchecked power management in device manager. I've tried different ports to no avail. This happens usually 2 to 3 time a night in a 12 hour gaming session for about a few weeks now. Fresh windows install since last week. I'm a hair from getting a new mobo at this point. Ryzen 2700x Rtx 2070 fe Asus b450-f mobo 16gb balistex 2666 mhz ram Evga supernova 850 watt psi Ac 1700 nighthawk usb wifi adapter
  6. Eh I'd give you 500 to 600 max. Probably closer to 500.
  7. Well I rolled back the driver to the .35 version and it works now. Still a little weird that if I have both displays on it will initially show the windows logo on the TV then show the logon on the main display afterwards. My boot seems a little slower since the switch because of this also. But hey everything works now and I want to see what this 2070 FE can do. So far I'd say the adrenaline software for AMD is WAAAYYY better than the nvidia software. Thanks a lot everyone!
  8. GaminHello everyone, I am having the most odd experience in my tech career. This so happens to be with my personal rig. I just recently went from a RX590 to a GTX 2070 GPU in my rig. I did a fresh install of windows on my m.2 Samsung evo 970 but my OS will not boot unless my 2nd monitor which is my 4k vizio tv is not connected. Once I disconnect my TV which is connected by hdmi from the nvidia GPU, my OS will boot normally. But if I have it connected, it will ask for boot media. Installed all new drivers on everything since it's a fresh install on my ROG strix B450 F gaming mobo. My main monitor is an HP 25x freesync monitor. I use the TV as a secondary monitor for things like FFXIV maps and dealing with that GARBAGE corsair icue software. Weirdest thing I've ever seen.