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  1. yeah I've tested the hard disk with it official software, I think its called Data lifeguard ? its from Western Digital, it says there's something wrong, but can't fix it, I guess the problem is in the harddisk, just hope I got a replacement. thanks btw
  2. So I've run the test overnight, and when I got back, I didn't see the result screen, instead I see the main menu(the first menu that appears after you boot MemTest), what's that mean ? should I test it again, or not ? btw, if I extract something to disk F(presumably the failed driver) its either data error (cyclic redundancy check, although, I think the error also happens if I extract it to another disk, since the error probably cause by the rar files it self that I've downloaded to disk F), lost of files (not all of the files extracted correctly), or works just fine (usually smaller size data)
  3. sometimes I got that error message, and the computer restart, and everything just work as normal (I think). What is that mean. and what can I do about it ? also, constant freeze in games, and what I know is that one of my harddisk is failing, in Windows notification, it says "Restart to repair driver errors", I've done that many times, still not working, thanks.
  4. So I couldn't connect to steam network, when I open steam, it have a chance of displaying connection error message, I said it have a chance because sometime it just works well, and even if it does have the error message, a simple retry connection button could fix that, now when I made it into steam (with or without the error message), I couldn't buy a game, or post a thread, it says I need to log in, even though I've logged in. it also happens when I wanna play Warframe, it stuck at checking updates, and I can't Launch Minecraft too (not a kid btw, lol), and I'm pretty sure it also happens on Origin. Browsing the internet is fine btw, and steam website also don't have the problem I've mentioned (it knows that I've logged in). The problem didn't occurs if I use my mobile data (instead of my Wi-Fi connection or whatever its called) to connect to the internet(throught USB tethering), I've contacted my ISP, but they didn't help much, any idea how to fix it ? any help matters, thanks
  5. to clarify a bit, I don't think its the browser fault, because I've said it, if I uninstall Chrome, then the problem moved to Mozilla, and if I uninstall Mozilla, then I'm sure the problem gonna be on Edge (haven't been tested though), and I currently using Ryzen 1600, and I don't usually go to a sketchy websites, but I've been there now and then, I'll get my AV ready to scan though
  6. So one of my browser (currently Chrome) using 50-60% of CPU usage in background on start-up, everytime I turn on my PC, it always happened, the easy fix is that I just terminated the task through Task Manager. So I rarely using my Chrome, so I thought, "hmm, lets just uninstall it then", but if I uninstall it, the problems occurs on my different installed browser instead (Mozilla), is this a virus ? if yes, any suggestion on the best way to remove it (if it even possible)