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  1. DiamondFire

    Will my system experience any bottleneck?

    i mean im about to cause a major bottleneck i have a i5 6500 and im getting an RTX 2070
  2. DiamondFire

    Where and how much to sell thinkpads?

    What sites would be good?
  3. DiamondFire

    GTX 1070 question

    Why would you want to lol its not hot?
  4. DiamondFire

    Where and how much to sell thinkpads?

    the W520 has 8gb ddr3 a 500gb HDD and a i7 2920XM and Quadro 1000m Graphics card has a few scratches hasn't been touched since like 2015 and its dirty (obvi i can clean it) Everything is fulyl functional. Same with the X240's full functioning with there i5 4300u 8gb ddr3 and 240gb SSD's
  5. Where and how much to sell thinkpads? i have 2 X240's with 240gb SSD's and a Thinkpad W520 how much should i sell these for a where?
  6. DiamondFire

    RTX 2070. PSU help

    Maybe 60$? I am in ireland btw
  7. DiamondFire

    RTX 2070. PSU help

    So i was thinking of getting a card similer to this https://www.amazon.co.uk/ASUS-GeForce-Advanced-Powerful-DUAL-RTX2070-A8G/dp/B07JBL72N8/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=ASUS%2BDual%2BGeForce%2BRTX%2B2070&qid=1558965247&s=gateway&sr=8-4&th=1 . I also have an i5 6500 so i was wondering what cheap enough PSU i should get around 600w would be i fine assume it also has to have the 2 x 6+2 power thingy for the GPU
  8. DiamondFire

    CRT monitor

    Send them to me
  9. DiamondFire

    CRT monitor

  10. DiamondFire

    CRT monitor

    i have found to CRT monitors from 2001 from dell fully working {Similer to the attached file} what should i do with them?
  11. DiamondFire

    VCR PC with tape idea!

    I shall in a day or 2
  12. DiamondFire

    VCR PC with tape idea!

    Real question is where would i put the fans
  13. DiamondFire

    VCR PC with tape idea!

    Oh really keep in mind i have a big VCR its the size of a dual recording one but without the recording bit
  14. I am currently moving house, And i found an old VCR and had a pretty cool idea! Take all the parts out of it EXCEPT the tape loader build a pc into it... And then to turn the PC on you put in a VHS tape and thats the power button good idea or not? Would love opinions!